14.07.2022 - Investment

Are you ready to invest?

So, you think you’re ready to part with your hard-earned cash?

You want a luxury watch, but you want to get it right. There’s no point spending big bucks on a timepiece that’s going to be left to linger in a dusty drawer somewhere.

Here at Luxe Watches, we’re here to help you see if the watch of your dreams actually is perfect  for you. Otherwise, we can guide you to find a great alternative for a competitive price.

When it comes to purchasing a new watch there are so many factors to consider – which brand you like and which movement, what material strap and which functions? Research is crucial before you make a purchase – and ideally you should try the watch on to be sure.

So before you pop that Submariner in your basket, read our guide to see if it’s really for you.

Does it meet your budget requirements?

There’s no point looking at Ferraris when you’ve only got enough cash for a Fiesta. And the same goes for watches. The main aim, of course, is to get a watch that you love, that lasts for years. But once the research is done it’s really down to whether you can afford it.

If the watch you’d really like falls within your budget range, then perfect! If not, you may need to look for similar models, or venture to the preloved market.

For many, a luxury watch is a major investment, so having the money to buy one and being able to afford one are different matters! If you have the money and you’re sure you can swing it, then go ahead and treat yourself.

Does the watch suit your lifestyle?

If you wear a suit to work and hold a power position, a luxury watch will suit you down to the ground – it’s a great way to instantly upgrade your style whilst communicating an air of success.


But there are different types of luxury watch, if you’re a sporty guy who spends a lot of time on a boat, you’ll want a great diver’s watch or at least, one with a durable strap that can withstand the elements.

If you’re more likely to be found at dinners, auctions or conferences, look for a watch with an elegant design that will complement your evening wear. 

Do you know which type of watch you want?

There are three types of watches: automatic, quartz and mechanical.

Automatic: These watches are powered by the movement of your wrist, are generally accurate and require regular maintenance.

Quartz: These run on battery power. They’re less expensive but require less upkeep.

Mechanical: These are powered by a spring that has to be wound periodically. They work completely without batteries and  are therefore much more environmentally friendly.

Does it have all the features you need?

Make sure the watch you choose is suited to your needs. If you’re spending thousands on a significant purchase you will want to ensure it’s useful.

A pilot’s watch or a chronograph would be great choices if accuracy and precision are crucial – perhaps you’re in the medical profession or work in aviation? If you need a robust watch, a diving watch would be a great choice.

Do you tend to travel abroad for business a lot? A watch with different time zones is perfect for you. Whatever your profession, there is a luxury watch that is destined to be yours with all the right attributes.

Have you decided on a brand?

The key here is to invest in a watch you can afford and that you like. Some people will buy watches purely as status symbols but you do need to really love your watch and equally, it should reflect your personality and style.

Remember to try different brands on as they all fit differently.

But like anything, once you find the perfect one, you’ll know so research and try on lots of styles – even ones you aren’t sure you like. You may change your mind when it’s on your wrist.

Know where to buy from?

Buy watches from reputable sources if you want to avoid spending thousands on a counterfeit.

People trust Luxe Watches because we have a boutique where you can try many brands including Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Cartier. We offer competitive prices and can source watches too.

If you buy with us you’ll receive an NFT to prove your purchase is authentic. We will also provide a warranty. Contact our team today.