03.12.2015 - Fashion

Quick and Easy Outfit Colour Combinations

It’s never too late to change your personal style and when it comes to finding your own fashion style, it’s really important that you crack down on the colours that are the most flattering for you.

With such a wide array of tones, shades and colours, it can be hard knowing where to start when you’re beginning to find your fashion groove.

Everything from the cuts, materials and trends can be overwhelming so we’ve put together a mini-guide on a few quick and easy colour combinations for your outfits, depending on how big of a statement you want to make!



When it comes to both men’s and women’s fashion, there are a handful of shades that should always be a staple in your wardrobe.
Colours like white, grey, beige, navy blue, denim and black are some of the most popular colours for many reasons – they’re incredibly easy to wear and style, helping you out when you’re rushing off to work with only a few minutes to choose an outfit.
These colours are perfect for all-year round as the colours never go out of style. The shades are interchangeable and you can get a handful of items from just a few classic pieces!

Black and White




Without a doubt, one of the most-loved colour combos for fashion stylists all over the world is black and white. The duo is such an easy one to wear and flatters all ages and sizes. Try wearing a white t-shirt with dark trousers, adding a blazer and smart shoes for a formal outfit. Swap out the blazer for a nice coat for a casual look. For a lighter, less dull outfit, try swapping out the black pieces for navy. As a general rule, try to wear a dark outerwear with a lighter inner. This draws attention to the face and has the slimming effect, looking more flattering on your body.

Beige and Navy, Black or White




Without a doubt, beige is the hottest fashion trend around right now. Everyone seems to be going mad for the combo and rightly so – It’s perfect for both casual wear and formal occasions and is flattering on all body sizes and shapes. Men and women can pull of the beige trend by pairing it with any of the other basic colours in this category. One of our favourite is the image above, showing how beige can have such a professional touch to your outfit. It makes you look like you spent hours on your outfit, preening it to perfection, when in reality you were up out of bed and out the door within minutes!



If you’re a fan of more experimental colours but not sure where to start when including them in your personal style, you’re in the right place! We love to add colours like light blues, dark red, dark green and pastel colours into our outfits but it has to be complimentary to pull it off. The key to wearing more experimental colours is to pair one piece with the basic shades. Here are our favourite combinations.

Light Blue



A lighter shade of blue is harder to pull off than dark blue because it isn’t as easy to wear with other colours. One of our favourite ways to incorporate light blue into outfits is to wear a light blue shirt with jeans and a blazer for formal outfits, and with a simple pair of black jeans and trainers for a casual weekend outfit. A light blue shirt also works a dream with chinos!

Earthy Tones



Colours like dark green, brown and burgundy are not too hard to wear and don’t look too over-the-top if you compliment them with the right shades. These colours work best when worn in the Autumn/Winter time, like a big cosy burgundy jumper and dark pants. Again, pair this shade with some clothing pieces from the basic colour category, such as dark pants or jeans.


If you really want to make a statement, we have a few quick and easy colour combinations that give the impression you’re well-styled, when really it just took a few minutes to create your outfit.



Shades like bright green, yellow, red, purple and orange are some of the hardest colours to wear, but look amazing when pulled off well. Again, wear one at a time and pair with the basic colours for the best chance of looking incredible. Some fool-proof outfits that include bold colours include; wearing a bright purple jumper with white jeans and simple accessories, and styling a less-interesting outfit consisting of basic colours with bright orange accessories. We’ve shown this in the photo above. When it comes to finding your perfect outfit, don’t forget about accessories. Add a hat, necklace and a watch and you’ll be good to go in no time!


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