16.12.2021 - Patek Philippe

Revolutionary new sound solution from Patek hits the right notes

We are always excited to see advanced development pieces but especially from a brand with so much history. Here at Luxe Watches we are in awe of Patek Philippe. We love buying in the brand’s watches to witness the craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovation for ourselves. And we’re certainly going to have Jed and his buying team trying to get hold of one of the latest offerings. 

Patek Philippe‘s Advanced Research department aims to improve mechanical movements and bring about innovative materials such as silicon, and technologies for watchmaking. And it’s latest project, which has been in progress since 2005, is a new way to fabricate a minute repeater.  

So here it is, the new Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater in platinum – and there are only 15 available in the world. Platinum metal absorbs sound vibrations and dulls resonance but Patek chose the material because “they said it shouldn’t be done… and we showed you it can.”

The main improvement on models gone before, is a much better sound – louder – and with better quality, richness and harmony. The new minute repeater contains a sound system called Fortissimo which amplifies the sound in an incredible way – in a purely mechanical manner whilst preserving the excellent acoustic quality as well as the smallest dimensions. 

The strike length has also been increased for the gongs to fade longer.Hammers are usually made of steel but in this Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater, they are made of platinum – a patented solution that improves the strike quality. 

And it’s an absolute pleasure to see a revolutionary new solution in Patek’s field of expertise – chiming watches. The base of this watch is the existing Calibre R 27 but with a new module. 

Sound amplification usually relies on a flexible membrane but Patek has created a system whereby a 0.2mm oscillating wafer moving on an angular motion, can provide better sound propagation for a confined space within the caseback.

Aside from the outstanding improvements in sound, the watch is a classic model with a 40mm diameter, rounded casebands and stepped lugs with a height of just 11mm and rather spaceage dial.

And if the 5750 isn’t loud enough, it comes on a bold, shiny orange alligator strap with black stitching and a platinum fold-over clasp.

Nicholas Hickey, our managing director, says: “Patek is known specifically for its investment into innovative watch making and models like the 5750 and the 5650 are always sought after. They create a talking point for our new and existing customers – and if we manage to get our hands on one, even better!”

Need some help?

If you’re hoping for a 5750 in your stocking this year, you’ll be lucky… but our buying team do love a challenge as we have teams in the UK and abroad. Contact us today if we can help you sell your existing watch.