21.12.2015 - Fashion

The Most Important Style Items No One Ever Sees

It’s hardly surprising that bright, vibrant patterns and colours take centre stage at fashion shows. With so much pressure on designers to be noticed and photographed, the more crazy and outgoing the designs are, the more likely they are to be given coverage.

With so many colourful designs out there, the more understated and subtle runway looks often go unnoticed. Yet, these understated designs are often some of the easiest to market to consumers. It could be said that this is due to the pieces being ready-to-wear and more popular for wear than some of the crazier designs.

Here are our top five of the most understated items in ladies fashion right now, and how stunning time-pieces from LuxeWatches can be styled with them.


1. The black suede pump

Bringing back the style of the 1970’s is a very popular trend for this winter. The 70’s summer styles of crochet and platform sandals are now behind us and we find ourselves overwhelmed by suede on the catwalk.
If you find yourself not being able to come to terms with wearing bold suede fashions like a jacket or midi dress, we bring you the black suede pump.




The black suede pump, seen here on Gucci incorporates simplicity; it’s definitely safe for work, whist keeping you on the suede trend. If you are looking to take the 70’s trend further, we recommend checking out vintage timepieces by Edele. In particular, we recommend an Edele automatic. The blue and red two-tone dial is very reminiscent of the 1970’s and brings a sense of vintage cool.


2. The white silk shirt

Several trends from the 1980’s are still as popular with the general public as ever. But the most simplistically stylish from this era is without doubt, the silk shirt. Rather than opt for the dramatic, vibrant 80’s patterns and neon colours, opting for a silk shirt in white can bring a high element of style.




The white silk shirt, seen here on Versace incorporates barely there gold buttons hidden by a silk strip, taking the element of simplicity even further.
If you want to incorporate a stylish 1980’s timepiece with the silk shirt trend, we recommend looking at watches by Certina Quartz. Their watches are beautifully crafted with slim gold bracelets, and in this case, subtly match the buttons in the Versace shirt.


3. The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a timeless fashion piece that has always been in style. Since the early 1990’s brown leather jackets were worn by aviators and members of the military, and then they were referred to as leather bomber jackets.
Today, the leather jacket is considered an outerwear staple for any wardrobe. Keeping it simple in the colours black or brown, can ensure a leather jacket is wearable for a variety of seasons and weather.


A stunning leather jacket seen on Christopher Kane adds simple leather ruffles to the sleeves and main body, keeping the look simplistic, but adds a little bit of character. If the leather trend has caught your eye, check out the stunning leather strap watches by Cartier. In particular, the Tank Louis Cartier models have a simplistic leather bracelet with a neat square face. Choose black leather to match the beautiful Christopher Kane jacket.


4. The Black Clutch

Clutch bags have been used as a women’s fashion staple since the industrial revolution. Several designers have even named their clutch bag designs after famous models and celebrities. Hermes have named their clutch bags after actress Jane Birkin ‘The Birkin bag’ and actress Grace Kelly ‘The Kelly Clutch’.




As an accessory, clutch bags are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, and more recently gigantic clutches have been seen all over the catwalk. But the most understated type of clutch bag is simple, black and maybe has a touch of gems or diamonds. A wonderfully simplistic clutch bag can be found at Karen Millen. It combines simple black leather with the slightest logo in diamond detail, making this piece as simplistically stylish as can be.

If you are searching for a timepiece with a simple bit of glitz on the clock-face, look no further than the exquisite Michael Kors. Many of Kors’ designs include a bold white clock face, with watch bracelets in silver or gold and of course, a sprinkling of diamonds.



 5. The Blue Jean

In 1873, Levi & Straus produced the first pair of blue jeans. However, the jeans were not originally worn as a fashion piece, but more so as an item of work wear. The rough fabric had a long durability and would not wear down easy. Today, the blue jean is a fashion staple. Coming in a variety of styles, fits and shapes, there is a design to fit everyone. Although the plain jean is not something ordinarily seen on the catwalk, yet its one of the most ready to wear items available. G Star, is becoming a very popular jeans designer, see here a fab pair of traditional blue jeans.    


If you are after a durable timepiece which will see you through a long while, the Rolex is what you are looking for. If well maintained a Rolex can last more than 40 years, in particular, the Rolex submariner (a watch designed for professional divers) is said to last the test of time. If a watch can survive hours in water, it must be pretty durable!

All of these understated fashion pieces are great for an everyday wardrobe. But with their lack of appear-ance on the catwalk, it could be thought that they are not necessarily trendy items. Perhaps if the catwalk were to fear less of being unnoticed by big media outlets and photographers, they could show off their more simplistic designs. After all, simple is sometimes best.


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