10.08.2021 - Luxe Watches

Why sell your watch to Luxe Watches?

Did you know that as well as buying beautiful new and pre-worn timepieces at our beautiful Epping boutique, you can also sell your luxury watch to us?

We accept a large range of brands and styles in both men’s and women’s watches and the process is really simple.

All we ask is that you provide as much information as possible about your watch so that we can give you an estimated price before we examine it. If you have the original packaging or paperwork, this will help us to sell your item faster.

Why sell to Luxe Watches?

You may have trouble selling such expensive items on markets like ebay or marketplace as understandably, people may have reservations about spending thousands of pounds on products that ultimately could be counterfeit -especially when they may not be able to physically see the product before they purchase. 

If you need to release money from the sale of a watch quickly, we have a process with a turnaround of 3 – 5 days from receiving your watch to paying out for it. 

With our buying process, we have expert watchmakers who will inspect your watch for authenticity and compare its condition to others on the market today, so you will know you are getting our best price possible.

We are also proud of our part in sustaining the UK economy by purchasing second hand timepieces from members of the public and then selling them back to another member of the public eventually.

How to sell your watch

There are four basic steps if you want to sell your luxury watch to us: 4 steps to sell your watch to us:

1.Use the Rolex Valuation Tool on our website.

This is an industry-first 60 second valuation tool we created to gather an accurate market value for your Rolex timepiece. 

First, you will need to locate your Rolex model number. This can be found on your Rolex card or certificate. It’s also engraved underneath the bracelet.

Next you’ll be asked to enter your personal details, as well as some more information about your watch, including whether it has its original paperwork or box, for example.

2. Send your watch to us

You could use a courier to deliver your timepiece or book an appointment and bring it to our Epping boutique yourself. Please ensure any postage is tracked and insured to cover the cost of your watch.

3. Time for an inspection 

While we now have lots of information from you about your watch, our expert inspectors are looking to check the watch for its condition and its authenticity. By physically seeing the watch, they can make the fairest possible valuation for what you can expect to receive.

4. Payment is processed 

You tell us which bank account you want us to use and we pay into it! It’s that quick and easy! Then you can buy another lovely watch from us… or perhaps go on holiday!

Contact us today

It’s always best to choose a reliable vendor. We have a strong physical presence with two stores in the UK and a noticeable presence online, with an excellent range of watches available.

If you’d like to sell your watch to us, it couldn’t be more simple. We are a reputable business with eight years in the industry, with many excellent reviews online.
If you’d like to speak with one of our team, you can contact us here.