05.01.2023 - Cartier

Cartier Tank: Why it remains a timeless classic

If ever a watch stood the test of time, the Cartier Tank would be it.

Having been inspired by the monster vehicles used by Allied Forces in the first world war,, it’s now one of the most searched-for watches on Google.

A staple of the watch industry for over a century, its popularity remains thanks to its clean simple lines and the way it suits any occasion.

Let’s take a look at the fans’ favourite.

The origins

Louis Carter took inspiration from the firm lines and stately proportions of Renault Tanks and had desires to create a timepiece that captured their refined design and incredible engineering.

The classic rectangular shape as we still know it today, was reminiscent of the top of the vehicle whilst the case sides resemble the treads.

And don’t forget that at that time, designers were offering round dial designs. Cartier’s Tank broke the mould offering a completely new look inspired by Art Deco.

The first Tank was available in both men’s and ladies’ sizes and was an instant hit, embraced by icons of the time.

Updates over time

Like most fashions, it has undergone numerous updates but has always maintained its signature shape and style but many sub-collections have stemmed from that original debut design.

But there is a theme that runs throughout – the classic elements that make this watch so distinct – including those bold Roman numerals, a sapphire-shaded crown and sword-shaped hands.

Today the Tank can be bought in yellow gold, silver, rose gold and steel with multiple options for the face colour, with leather or bracelet straps – some with jewels. So whatever your skin shade or wrist size, you’ll find something to suit.

The Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Francaise, Tank Americaine and Tank Cintrée are just some of the subtle but sometimes significant changes on the original look.

Fans of the favourite

Over the time many a celebrity has donned the famous wristwear with fans including Gary Cooper and Clark Gable through to Angelina Jolie, Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama.

Its everlasting appeal and simple yet classic style make it the perfect watch for any occasion. Dress it up for a wedding, wear it smart for an awards ceremony or casual for a date with friends 

Our buying manager Arif Mughal is quite a fan of the Cartier Tank and would recommend one to anyone looking for a good investment.

“Despite its many updates, the Cartier Tank watch has remained true to its roots, and continues to be a symbol of elegance and sophistication,” he said.

“It’s a true classic that has stood the test of time, and is a must-have for any watch enthusiast.We often buy Cartier Tanks when we can as the team loves them.”

Love to own your own Cartier Tank?

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And yes, we will also buy your Cartier watch, subject to checks for authenticity and condition.

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