Does a luxury watch need to be serviced?

A good luxury watch will last for generations, but they can suffer wear and tear just like anything else. That’s why we recommend you get your watch serviced approximately every 5 years, or repaired whenever you notice any issues. This will extend the lifespan of your timepiece, 

To make this easy for you, Luxe Watches will send you a free secure postage pack for sending your watch to us, insured up to a value of £25,000. When you get your watch back, you will have the satisfaction of strapping on a watch that looks and feels like new again.


List of Services

Full Service 

The watch will be disassembled according to brand specification, allowing each part to be checked, serviced and where necessary, repaired or replaced. Watches with a chronograph movement are more complicated and require more time to service. 

Estimated costs:

Full Service from £250

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Watch Glass

The robust glass, or crystal, of the watch protects the elements underneath, but are exposed to the elements themselves. They can sometimes get scratched, or if you are very unfortunate, crack entirely. Whether the watch crystal is made of glass or plastic, we can replace it for you. 

Estimated cost:

From £75

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Bezel Repair/Replacement

The bezel holds the glass in place, and, like the glass, is exposed and can receive wear. With this bezel repair service, scratches and scuffs can be removed and broken/missing bezels can be replaced.

Estimated cost:

Bezel insert replacement: £90
Yacht-Master bezel sandblast: £145

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Battery Replacement

The most temporary part of a watch is the watch battery. Even the highest end watches have batteries that can’t last forever. This service opens up the watch to insert a brand-new battery, and reseals the watch as if it had just come out of the factory. 

Estimated costs:

Watch Battery Change: From £20
Watch Battery change & Re Seal: From £65

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Polish & Refurbishment

To return a watch to looking brand new, a specialist polish is required. We will delicately remove both light and deep scratches from all necessary parts of the watch and leave it looking brand new. 

Estimated cost:

From £65

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Get your watch serviced or repaired today


Once we receive your watch, our experienced service managers will carry out an inspection of your timepiece

Confirm Price

Your dedicated service manager will contact you to confirm what work is required with an exact price

Repair Your Watch

If you are happy to proceed, our service manager will begin the agreed work to your watch.

12-Month Warranty!

Once your watch has been repaired, you can either come in store to collect it or we can securely send it to you. We will also provide a 12 month warranty, covering all the work which we have carried out.

The Luxe approach

You can either bring your timepiece to our boutique in Essex, or arrange to have your item sent to us. Let us know you are sending us your watch by contacting us today. When you take a watch for servicing, it is important that the original manufacturer’s procedures are followed precisely. At Luxe Watches, we know that every watch is special to its owner, and we take utmost care and professionalism in every servicing job we undertake.

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Luxury Watch Servicing and Repairs FAQ

Brands we work on

The majority of our servicing and repair work is on watches from the following manufacturers:

However, we are not limited by this and would be happy to give you a quote for any watch you are interested in having serviced. 


How often should you get your Rolex serviced?

Because of natural wear and tear and the loss of power in the movement, we recommend a luxury watch is serviced every five years. Some professionals offer different advice, and may suggest a service every three years.


What happens during a service?

During a watch service, the watch is carefully disassembled with specialist tools, parts are individually cleaned or replaced if needed, then the watch is reassembled. The watch is tested thoroughly before it is returned. 

Our full service and health check includes timekeeping tests, waterproofing, resealing, battery replacement, strap changes and cleaning of individual parts. 


How long will the service take?

It depends on the complexity of the work. A battery replacement might be turned around by our workshop in 24 hours. A full watch service can take several hours of expert labour over several days, plus a testing period to ensure the watch is keeping accurate time. Depending on the current workload of the workshop, complex services may take multiple weeks to complete. Please contact us for an estimated time to completion. 


What does a Rolex service cost?

Prices for a replacement for a single component might be as little as £20 for a battery or £75 for watch glass. A full service or service and polish will be several hundred pounds, due to the costs of specialist labour, equipment and replacement parts. Read more on our Rolex servicing page


What warranty do you provide?

You will receive a 12 month warranty following any Rolex servicing or repairs from Luxe Watches.The warranty ensures our fully comprehensive repair and service options are available for an additional 2 years, should they be required. For more information on Rolex repairs and service costs, give us a call on 0203 397 1596.


Can I service my watch myself?

Servicing a watch involves the disassembly of the timepiece, which is a very complex and sensitive item. You should not attempt maintenance without the help of a trained professional.

However, cleaning your watch is something you can do at home and will help maintain your watch’s condition and beauty. Follow our guide on how to clean your watch at home



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