These Terms and Conditions govern the supply of all Goods and Services provided by us to you.

We are:
Luxe Watches [1]
Our address is:

219 High St, Epping CM16 4BL.

We can be contacted:

by post at the address given above;
by email – ;
by telephone – 0203 397 1596 between the opening hours of 10am – 6pm Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm Saturday.

You are:

a purchaser of our Goods or Services.

Please read the terms and conditions set out below (“Terms and Conditions”) carefully before opening an account and ordering Goods or Services from us. By opening an account, purchasing Goods or Services from us or otherwise using this Website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Definitions
    • “Agreement” is a reference to these Terms and Conditions and any order form and payment instructions provided to you;
    • “the Customer”, “you”, “your” and “yours” are references to you the person purchasing any Goods or ordering Services from us;
    • “Goods” means any watch ordered by you from us through our Website;
    • “Service” or “Services” is a reference to any service which we may supply and which you may request via our Website;
    • “Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions of sale and service set out in this document;
    • “we”, “us” and “our” are references to Luxe Watches;
    • “Website” is a reference to the website, which is run and operated by us and on which these Terms and Conditions are displayed.
  2. Ordering
    1. When ordering any Goods or Services from us you do so in accordance with this Agreement. You are deemed to have accepted the prices of the Goods or Services quoted to you and other terms such as delivery which may have been quoted to you at the time of placing your order.
    2. Any contract for the supply of Goods or Services is between you and Luxe Watches.
    3. You agree to take particular care when providing us with your payment details and you warrant that these details are accurate and complete at the time of ordering. You agree to take particular care when providing address information at the time of ordering. No liability is accepted for orders where delivery information is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.
    4. When ordering from this Website you may be required to provide a username and password. You must ensure that you keep these details secure and do not provide this information to a third party.
    5. We will take all reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorised access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the Website.
    6. Any order that you place with us is subject to product availability and acceptance by us. When you place your order online we will send you an email to confirm that we have received it. This email confirmation will be produced automatically so that you have confirmation of your order details. The fact that you receive an automatic confirmation does not necessarily mean that we will be able to meet your order. Once we have sent the confirmation email we will then check availability and contact you with a further email. If the Goods are available and the details of the order are correct, this email will be deemed an acceptance and will specify delivery details and confirm the price of the Goods purchased. If the Goods are not available we will also let you know by email.
    7. All prices listed on the Website are correct at the time of publication however we reserve the right to alter these in the future. We also reserve the right to alter the Goods or Services available for sale on the Website and to discontinue any product line or service.
    8. The contract for the Goods or Services will be accepted at the time of despatch of your order. We will confirm this to you in writing. You must inform us immediately if any details are incorrect. If your order has not been accepted you will be notified of this in writing together with the reasons.
    9. You must check that the order meets your requirements and that the specifications of the Goods meet your requirements.
    10. Where we accept credit or debit cards, you also warrant that the credit or debit card details that you provide is your own credit or debit card and that you have sufficient funds to make the payment.
  3. Prices and Payment
    1. All prices listed on the Website are correct at the time of publication however we reserve the right to alter these in the future. Prices are inclusive of value added tax and delivery charges and will be added to your order if applicable.
    2. The total price for Goods or Services ordered, including delivery charges, will be confirmed to you when you place your order.
    3. Full payment must be made before Goods are despatched or Services provided. You have no right of set off.
    4. You must pay for your order before it is delivered and you can do so by debit or credit card. To ensure that shopping online is secure, your debit/credit card details will be encrypted to prevent the possibility of someone being able to read them as they are sent over the internet. Your credit card company may also do security checks to confirm it is you making the order.
    5. Some of our Services may be payable by either CHAPS transfer to our nominated bank account or by cash paid in person. We do not process cash transactions with a value in excess of €15,000.
    6. Failure to pay on time will result either in the cancellation of your order or late payment charges equivalent to interest on the late payment which shall be calculated on a daily basis at a rate of 4% over our bank’s lending rate from the date the payment was originally due until the date of receipt of payment in cleared funds.
    7. If we are not paid an invoice we may instruct a debt collection agency or solicitor to collect our payment (including any interest and/or late payment charges) on our behalf. In such circumstances you will be liable to pay an additional sum to us which will not exceed the reasonable costs that we may incur to pay the debt collection agency or solicitor, who will add the sum to your outstanding debt on our behalf.
  4. Description
    1. Due to the nature of the internet images of Goods displayed on our Website will vary depending upon the individual monitor. Individual Goods may vary and any descriptions, samples, drawings, specifications, colours and advertisements are illustrative only, are intended as a guide to the final product and do not form part of this Agreement.
  5. Services Offered by us
    1. Watch Service or Repair – in order to obtain a quote for your watch to be serviced or repaired by us you must Contact Us to arrange an appointment for the watch to be inspected or arrange for the watch to be delivered to us for inspection. Following inspection of the watch we will provide you with a quote for the work. Confirmation of your acceptance of the quote must be provided to us in writing. An invoice will then be issued to you for payment. Upon receipt of payment in full we will then undertake the work and either contact you when the watch is ready for collection or despatch the watch to you as agreed.
    2. Watch Buying Service – if you are interested in selling your watch to us you should Contact Us to arrange an appointment for the watch to be inspected or arrange for the watch to be delivered to us for inspection. Proof of purchase of the watch plus all associated paperwork including manufacturer guarantee details should be provided with the watch wherever possible. If we decide to buy your watch following our inspection we will provide you with an offer to purchase the watch. Confirmation of your acceptance of the offer must be provided to us in writing. Payment for the watch will be made by cheque within 14 days of receipt of your agreement to the price.
    3. Sell your Watch – if you would like us to sell your watch on your behalf you should Contact Us to arrange an appointment for the watch to be inspected or arrange for the watch to be delivered to us for inspection. Proof of purchase of the watch plus all associated paperwork including manufacturer guarantee details should be provided with the watch wherever possible. Provided we are satisfied with the quality and authenticity of the watch we will agree with you a minimum price that you wish to sell the watch for. Any sales proceeds received in excess of the minimum price will be retained by Luxe Watches as commission for the sale of the watch. Your watch will be displayed on our Website for a minimum period of 2 weeks and a maximum period of 6 months. All sales proceeds less our commission will be paid to you by cheque within 14 days of receipt by us of the proceeds in cleared funds.
    4. Part Exchange – we offer a part exchange service which enables you to part exchange your old watch for a watch available for sale on our Website. You need to Contact Us if you are interested in this service and to arrange an appointment for the watch to be inspected or arrange for the watch to be delivered to us for inspection. Proof of purchase of the watch plus all associated paperwork including manufacturer guarantee details should be provided with the watch wherever possible. If we decide to buy your watch following our inspection we will provide you with an offer to purchase the watch. Confirmation of your acceptance of the offer must be provided to us in writing. Upon receipt of your confirmation we will then deduct the proceeds against the purchase price of the new watch which you would like to purchase and invoice you for the balance. Our invoice is payable within 7 days of the date of invoice. Upon receipt of your payment in full for the invoice we will then despatch the Goods to you.
    5. Watch Locator Service – we offer a locator service which enables you to source a watch you wish to purchase. You need to Contact Us if you are interested in this service and we will then notify you of the cost of the Service. Once we undertake the assignment if we are then unable to locate the watch for you within a period of 6 weeks we will offer you a voucher which may be used towards the cost of purchasing any watch (not Services) from our Website. Each voucher will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue and only one voucher will be issued to each Customer per transaction.
    6. Buy Back Guarantee ––    The Buyback guarantee is subject to our inspection of the watch upon return. This will ensure the watch is returned in good and saleable condition with all boxes, paperwork, links and all other components (as sold). Any devaluation as a result of any of these missing items will be deducted from the agreed buyback price.–    The guarantee will be voided in the event that the watch is tampered with by any third party.–    The guarantee will be voided if any aftermarket components or modifications are used.–    Our buyback guarantee is unique to every watch and every purchaser, and is therefore non-transferable.
  6. Delivery of Goods ordered from our Website
    1. Goods purchased via the Website will be despatched by a secure delivery method within 72 hours of receipt of cleared funds. Goods will be delivered to the address nominated by you at the time of ordering. Time is not of the essence for delivery of any Goods under this Agreement.
    2. All risk in the Goods shall pass to you upon delivery.
    3. If you fail to accept delivery of the Goods at the time they are ready for delivery, or we are unable to deliver the Goods at the nominated time due to your failure to provide appropriate instructions then the Goods shall be deemed to have been delivered to you and all risk and responsibility in relation to such Goods shall pass to you.
    4. You must check the order confirmation email for tracking information relating to the Goods and contact the relevant courier to establish the delivery time if the Goods have not been delivered on time. Please allow up to 7 days for Goods to be delivered. If you are unsuccessful with the courier you must notify us immediately if the Goods have not been delivered or if there has been a partial delivery of the Goods only. Any missing items should be listed and notified to us within 3 days.
    5. Incomplete orders must be notified to us as soon as possible following delivery and within 3 days of delivery.
    6. No refunds of the delivery charge are made for late deliveries.
    7. Where delivery is outside the UK, you may be liable to pay additional tax or duty once the Goods reach your country. This may vary from country to country. Please contact your local customs office for more information.
    8. Please note that Goods may be subject to inspection by your local customs office where delivery is outside the UK.
  7. Cancellation and Returns
    1. You must notify us immediately if you decide to cancel your order preferably by email to and quote your order number.
    2. Goods: The time limit for notification of cancellation is 14 days following receipt by you of the Goods. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to stop your order once we receive notice of cancellation as the Goods may already have been despatched. In these cases, the Goods will need to be returned to us unused and in good condition. In the event you return Goods which need to be repaired we may undertake the repair work and charge this cost to you.
    3. Services: The time limit for notification of cancellation is 14 days from the day you ordered and paid for the Services unless you have requested us to commence the Services before the expiry of this period in which case the cancellation period expires when we begin providing the Services to you.
    4. Once we have heard from you that you wish to cancel your order within the stipulated time period we will refund or re-credit your debit or credit card with the full amount within 30 days which includes the initial delivery charge (where applicable) which you paid for the delivery of the Goods.
    5. You must ensure that when returning the Goods they are packed adequately and returned with a reputable courier. The cost of the return must be paid for by you.
    6. A full statement of your legal rights under the Distance Selling Regulations may be obtained in the UK from your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.
    7. You are entitled to return Goods ordered from us within 30 days of receipt of the Goods if the Goods are faulty or damaged. You will be entitled the right for a full refund, or to have the Goods repaired or replaced provided we agree that the Goods are faulty or were delivered to you in a damaged condition and have not been used. Replacement Goods will be charged at the full price.
    8. Please email to inform us of your wish to return Goods quoting your order number. You must ensure that the Goods are returned to us at your cost immediately by courier unused.
    9. The cost of returning the Goods to us must be paid by you unless we agree that the Goods are faulty or damaged upon receipt by you. Any refunds or re-credits will be undertaken within 14 days.
    10. Goods which develop a fault or become faulty within the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee period may be repaired or replaced at our discretion provided that the Goods are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidance.
    11. All Goods returned to us must be sent via a reputable courier adequately packaged and returned to the address specified above.
  8. Title
    1. Full title in the Goods sold by us to you shall remain fully vested in us until we receive payment in full for the Goods. We shall be entitled to re-rake possession of the Goods in the event of non-payment and you hereby grant us a non-revocable licence to enter your premises for the purposes of recovering the Goods.
    2. Title to Goods which have been returned to us under Clause 7 and in respect of which we have provided a substitute or paid a refund will transfer to us upon despatch of a replacement or the date of the refund as appropriate.
    3. Title in watches sold by us on your behalf shall remain with the Customer until such time as payment is received by the Customer in full for the watch.
    4. Title in watches which are sent to us for repair shall remain with the Customer at all times.
  9. Warranty
    1. You hereby warrant that you are the lawful owner of any watch that you may offer to sell to us and that you have full power and authority to sell the watch. You also warrant that there is no outstanding finance owed on the watch and that no third party has any rights or claims to the watch.
    2. All Goods sold by us are sold with a warranty which is in addition to any statutory rights that you may have as a consumer. Details of our warranty can be found on the Website.
  10. Our Website
    1. The information, content and material available on the Website may vary from time to time without notice to you. This is in order to ensure that the Website is as up to date as possible.
    2. We aim to have the site available at all times, however, you will appreciate that we cannot guarantee this or that it will be error free and we cannot accept liability for any issues that this may cause. We aim to keep the Website as up to date as possible; all product descriptions displayed on the Website are correct at the time the information is entered however the information appearing at the time may not always reflect the position exactly at the time you place your order.
    3. You must not interfere with the working of our Website nor must you circumvent security on the site, tamper with, or hack into, or otherwise attempt to disrupt our computer system, server, website, router or any other internet connected device or service.
  11. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. Ownership in, and all rights created in relation to the contents of this Website vest in us absolutely unless otherwise indicated. You must not modify, copy, reproduce, upload, post, transmit or distribute by any means or in any manner whatsoever, any material or information or download from our Website except where expressly invited to do so or indicated on our Website.
    2. The intellectual property rights in the brand names or trademarks used in connection with the display of Goods on the Website shall belong to the owners of such brand names or trademarks. The purchase of any Goods or Services from us does not confer on you any rights in any such brand names or trademarks.
    3. We are not authorised dealers or licensees of any of the brands displayed in our Website.
  12. Linked Sites
    • There are a number of links on our Website to third party websites which we believe may be of interest to you. We do not represent the quality of the equipment or services provided by such third parties nor do we have any control over the content or availability of such sites. We cannot accept any responsibility for the content of third party websites or the services or equipment that they may provide to you.
  13. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity
    1. We disclaim any and all liability to you for the supply of the Goods or Services to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law. This does not affect your statutory rights as a Consumer. If we are found liable for any loss or damage to you such liability is limited to the amount you have paid for the relevant Goods or Services. We cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage or expense, including any direct or indirect loss such as loss of profits, to you howsoever arising. This limitation of liability does not apply to personal injury or death arising as a direct result of our negligence.
    2. We shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in delivering Goods or Services where such failure arises as a result of any act or omission which is outside our reasonable control such as an act of God or those of third parties which shall include, but is not limited to, any labour strikes, bad weather conditions, fires, governmental actions, war or terrorist acts.
    3. We do not accept liability for any indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of data, loss of income or profit, loss or damage to property and/or loss from claims of third parties arising out of the use of the Goods or Services purchased from us.
    4. We shall not be held liable for any misrepresentations other than fraudulent misrepresentations.
    5. Great care has been taken to ensure that the information available on this Website is correct and error free. We apologise for any errors or omissions that may have occurred. We cannot warrant that use of the Website will be error free or fit for purpose, timely, that defects will be corrected, or that the site or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or bugs or represents the full functionality, accuracy, reliability of the Website and we do not make any warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied, relating to fitness for purpose, or accuracy. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
    6. We do not accept any liability for any delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information, viruses or other contamination or destructive properties transmitted to you or your computer system via our Website.
    7. We have taken all reasonable steps to prevent internet fraud and ensure any data collected from you is stored as securely and safely as possible. However, we cannot be held liable in the extremely unlikely event of a breach in our secure computer servers or those of third parties.
    8. You agree to promptly and fully indemnify us and keep us indemnified and hold us harmless against any and all expenses, damages, liability, claims and losses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) incurred by us in connection with any claims actual or threatened, of any kind arising from any breach by you of any of the representations, warranties or other terms contained in these Terms and Conditions or implied by law and this indemnity may, without limitation, be claimed as a debt or liquidated demand.
  14. Your Information
    1. Where we have requested information from you to provide the Goods, you agree to provide us with accurate and complete information.
    2. You authorise us to use, store or otherwise process your personal information in order to provide the Goods to you and for marketing purposes (the “Purpose”). The Purpose may include the disclosure of your personal information to third parties from time to time where this is required by law or in order to provide the Goods to you.
    3. You are entitled to request a copy of the personal information we hold on you. Please contact us if you wish to request this information.
    4. All personal data is stored and managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  15. General
    1. We may assign, subcontract or novate any part or parts of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions and this Agreement without your consent or any requirement to notify you.
    2. We reserve the right to cancel or reduce any order which may have been accepted by us where, due to circumstances beyond our control it is not possible to deliver the Goods.
    3. The Terms and Conditions, any order form and payment instructions constitute the entire agreement between you and us. No other terms, representations, promises or statements whether expressed or implied shall form part of this Agreement including for the avoidance of doubt, any terms and conditions which the Customer tries to apply in any purchase order, confirmation of order, specification or other document or communication. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any other term or provision, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
    4. Any variation to these Terms and Conditions shall only be valid if made in writing and signed by an authorised representative of Luxe Watches.
    5. If any term or condition of our Agreement shall be deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the parties hereby agree that such term or condition shall be deemed to be deleted and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in force without such term or condition.
    6. These Terms and Conditions and our Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
    7. No delay or failure on our part to enforce our rights or remedies under the Agreement shall constitute a waiver on our part of such rights or remedies unless such waiver is confirmed in writing.
    8. It is not intended that the undertakings and obligations of the parties set out in this Agreement shall be for the benefit of and capable of being enforced by any other person by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Complaints Procedure

  • At Luxe watches, Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to providing you with the best possible service. 
  • We realise that sometimes, things don’t always go to plan and we may need to put things right.  If you are not satisfied with any product or service you have received from us, our internal complaint handling procedures are there to deal with your concerns on the rare occasions when things go wrong. 
  • If for some reason you have a complaint, please refer all queries to  Many complaints can be resolved by our advisors however there may be occasions where we would need longer to investigate. We acknowledge your complaint in 5 working days. 
  • If we receive a complaint which is the responsibility of one of our partners, your concerns will be referred to them in writing. We will also write to you confirming that your complaint has been referred on.
  • Any complaints relating to the finance product offering will be referred to Novuna Personal Finance and we will investigate further.
  • We will aim to resolve your complaint at the earliest opportunity. If we are unable to resolve it within eight weeks of receipt, we will write to you explaining the reasons for the delay and give you an indication of when we expect to be able to provide a resolution. At this point if you are unhappy with the progress, you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • If you are not satisfied with Novuna’s response to your complaint relating to the finance agreement, you may be able to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You must contact them within six months of the date of Novuna’s final response letter to you. They can be contacted in the following ways: 
  • Write to: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR
  • Telephone: 0300 123 9123 
  • E-mail:
  • Further details can be found on the Financial Ombudsman Service website:

Valuation Tool & Watch Purchase

Any valuation generated by the Valuation Tool (an “Online Valuation“) is based on the information you tell us about your watch (the “Watch“).

An Online Valuation is not an offer by us to purchase the Watch. It is simply a tool to enable you to estimate the value of your watch and the price, which we may be willing to pay for it.

We always carry out a physical inspection of the Watch before we agree to buy it. After you have received an Online Valuation, you may book an appointment for an inspection at our premises (an “Appointment“).

If, on inspection of the Watch at the Appointment, we consider that the value of the Watch is affected by any aspect of its history or condition, including any unusual feature or customisation or anything which affects or limits the information you gave about the Watch, which was not apparent to us when we gave the Online Valuation, the price that we may be willing to pay for it following an inspection (the “Price“) is likely to differ from the Online Valuation.

We are not obliged to purchase any Watch brought to an Appointment and neither are you obliged to sell any watch brought to an Appointment.

Price Guarantee

Subject to our inspection of the Watch (as explained further above), a binding offer will produced which will be be guaranteed for seven days from the date on which we send it to you.

If there is a significant price change within the 7-day guarantee period, we will use reasonable endeavours to contact you to let you know that the Online Valuation has changed.

Purchase Contract (intention to buy)

A binding agreement to purchase the Watch will only be made between us once you have signed our standard written buying contract (the “Contract“).

This process determines you are the rightful owner, requires form of ID and

Bank information.

Our guarantee:

We guarantee we are willing to buy every watch we value. So that we don’t waste your time, if there is a change in the market value of your watch resulting in a reduced valuation, then we endeavour to let you know what the new valuation is at least 24 hours before your appointment, so that you have the opportunity to cancel, if you choose to do so.

Payment Options

Our standard payment terms utilise Future Dated Faster Payment, which takes up to three to five working days after the day on which you sell the Watch to us to arrive into your bank account.



1. Luxe Watches is a trading name of Luxe Corporation Ltd (company registration number 07880049) of 219 High St, Epping CM16 4BL.