01.03.2024 - News

Discontinued: Patek Philippe reveals which watches depart us in 2024

At this time of year we always expect D-Day when it comes to Patek Philippe’s watches. For some, it’s a day of tension and some delight, but now we know which watches have reached the chopping block.

This year, Patek is discontinuing a total of 16 references from its catalogue. Among them are both short-lived models and others that have enjoyed long production runs. 

If you were considering acquiring any of the watches below, try our sales team who will do their best to assist! 

Discontinued watches for 2024

  • Annual Calendar and Moon Phases, white and rose gold references 5396G and 5396R
  • Aquanaut Travel Time, reference 5164a
  • Aquanaut Luce Haute Joaillerie, reference 5062/450R
  • Aquanaut Luce Travel Time 5269/200R
  • Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, rose and white gold, references 7234R-001 and 7234G-001
  • Grand Complications Engraved Retrograde Perpetual Calendar, reference 5160G
  • Nautilus Chronograph Date –  bracelet – references 5980R-001, 5980/1R-001, and 5980/1AR-001
  • Nautilus Moon Phase on strap, rose and white gold, references 5712R and 5712G
  • Twenty~4 Automatic – reference 7300/1200R-011
  • World Time – guilloched dial, reference 5230P-001

World Time  – 5230P-001

We’ve got to say we’re sore about the World Time going, with its lovely blue guilloched dial. To us, it’s the pinnacle of horological excellence.

This masterpiece of engineering transcends mere timekeeping, embodying sophistication akin to royal affairs. Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, it epitomises luxury in its purest form.

At 38.5mm, its platinum encasement shelters a mechanical marvel, hosting an array of time zones, effortlessly displayed with a single glance.

It seems a shame to let it go after just two years with us, and fans of the brand will be keen to get their hands on this piece.

Aquanaut Travel Time – 5164a

This year marks another shift for Patek, moving away from sports models and streamlining their strap/bracelet options. 

Sadly, another favourite piece of ours – the Aquanaut stainless steel reference 5164a – is also leaving us after 13 years on the market.

Debuting at Basel in 2011, it was defined as the “coolest Aquanaut”. Its travel time complication, operated by elegant pushers, made changing time zones a breeze.  As far as we can see, the  rose gold version is still available. 

In addition to the discontinuations, Patek has raised its prices on average around 7% this year across all models.

Calatrava Pilot Travel Time – 7234G-001

Patek Philippe introduced the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watches in a mid-size format, exemplified by the 37.5mm rose gold variant, designated as the reference 7234R-001, launched in 2018. 

Subsequently, in 2020, the 7234G-001 model, featuring a white gold case, joined the collection. However, Patek Philippe has since ceased production of these mid-sized Pilot Travel Time Calatrava timepieces, opting to focus solely on the larger 42mm versions, identified as ref. 5524R and 5524G.

Dream models

If your dream is to get your hands on one of these disappearing models, we may be able to help you. Our buying team can source models in the UK and abroad and we do this at a competitive price. 

If you’d like to speak to one of our experts, contact us on 020 3820 2428 or book an appointment to see us in Epping.