19.09.2016 - Luxe Watches

Final Chance To Enter Our SevenFriday Watch Giveaway

Over the past two months, we have been running a giveaway which offers one lucky person the chance to win a brand new SevenFriday P1-01 watch. With just over a week to go, now is the time to get your entry in and ready for the draw on the 1st October, 2016. If you haven’t already entered, here is where you can do so:


Here is the link to enter our giveaway. 


Why are we doing the giveaway?

Much of our time in running the business is spent travelling and visiting watch and jewellery trade shows. We see so many watch brands that it really takes quite a lot for one to stand out. One of these brands was SevenFriday, combining bold designs at a price point that sets it apart from it’s competitors.

SevenFriday is just a few months younger than Luxe Watches, and to commemorate our mutual 5-year anniversaries, we want to give away one of their watches. With a similar story of growth and expansion to us, we feel a real affinity with SevenFriday and are beyond excited to support this brand as a strong player in the watch market and proving that there is always room for something different.




About the watch

The SevenFriday P1-01 is a 47mm-wide square-cased watch that features circular dials. It’s been described as “bold” and “futuristic” with elements of the past such as the industrial revolution. The SevenFriday P1-01 model features a polished stainless steel case, with a silver, rhodium and black dial comprising five layers. Visible on the dial is the open balance wheel of the Miyota 82S7 movement, which has a 40-hour power reserve.


How is the winner chosen?

Once the entries are all in, all entrants will be assigned a number. Then, using a random number generator, the winner will be drawn. The process will be recorded live on our Instagram story.


Our giveaway was also featured on the worlds most popular watch blog, aBlogToWatch, here.


Good Luck!