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5 Affordable Watches That Are Perfect To Kickstart Your Watch Collection

The idea of watch collecting for the future is a fairly new concept. Many collectors believe in the appreciation of fine watches and further highlights the investment side to luxury watch market. For those that are looking at starting your collection as soon as possible, here are five wise moves to kickstart your watch collection:


Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The Rolex Milgauss is the quiet hero in the Rolex collection. Despite not receiving the rave reviews of say other models, what this watch lacks in enthusiasm, it makes up for in style and reliability and practicality in every day use. The Milgauss name has been floating around since 1956, but only developed and released current version (ref 116400) in 2007. The changes included a new magnetic interference resistance mechanism on the Oyster case of up to 1000 gauss.





The Rolex Milgauss is available with the standard black dial or with the ‘Z Blue’ dial metallic dial and is accompanied by the iconic orange lightning bolt seconds hands; a combination that has won over many fans. The watch is only available in 904L stainless steel for perfect everyday use, and is complete with the Oyster bracelet and the self-winding mechanical 3131 movement.

The price tag for the Milgauss is £6,050, making it an expensive entry level watch. However, we firmly believe it to be a great watch to invest in simply because the watch is a first of its kind, and is a watch that Rolex will only develop with age. The watch also proves to be instantly recognisable, undeniably reliable and practical for every day use.



Rolex Datejust 36 116200

The Rolex Datejust 36 is a classic watch that will no doubt stand the tests of time. The Datejust model is widely considered as the modern archtype of the classic watch, and proves to be a watch of many occasions. What we believe to be the defining point for the Datejust 36 is the large amounts of selection on offer for clients, with a choice of dials, materials, bracelets and numerals. It’s hard to find something you do not like.

Rolex Datejust 36 Steel Blue Dial



The most basic Datejust 36 in 904L stainless steel has a price tag of £4,900 and is widely considered to be the best entry level Rolex on the market. The Datejust 36 also has been known to hold its value over the years, which is useful if you have your eyes set on an upgraded model. Given the amount of choice for this watch, along side the quality and style, we very much see this as a contender for a watch to start your collection with.



Omega Seamaster 300

Omega watches are synonymous with quality and precision and the perfect starter watch for your collection. Although, we are particularly fond of the Speedmaster, we think the Seamaster 300 is a watch that is of deluxe class, and can be worn in casual and formal occasions. The Seamaster 300 also features on the wrist of James Bond in the latest Spectre film and is the definition of cool.

The Seamaster 300 is based on the vintage aesthetic looks of the original Seamaster 300 from 19 57. The watch has a 41mm stainless steel case, sapphire glass, the distinctive broad-arrow hour hand, and is water resistant to 300m. The watch also includes a Master Co-Axial denotation system that resist magnetic fields – inspired by that of new developments at Rolex and features the 8,400 calibre automatic movement.



Omega Seamaster 300 Stainless Steel


The Omega Seamaster 300 is valued at £3,500 and is a great entry level watch for your watch collection. It feels as if Omega has truly updated a classic and bought a modern twist to vintage. The watch is overall legible, durable and well-designed and therefore an excellent addition to any watch collector’s armoury.



Cartier Santos 100

Cartier are world renowned for producing some of the most stylish watches the world has seen. The Santos 100 is certainly one of them. The Santos was originally created in 1904 as an aviator watch, a watch that could be legible whilst flying. The rounded square design and exposed screws of bezel turned this watch into an iconic symbol for Cartier – who marked the centenary of the watch with a new updated version.






The watch now includes a large version, and complete with an automatic mechanical self-winding movement. The casing is available in stainless steel, carbon and steel and18k gold and steel. The watch is teamed with a silvered opaline dial with the iconic Cartier numerals.

The classic and iconic design of the Cartier Santos 100 would be a great addition to any collection – let alone a starters collection. The watch is valued at £5,600 for the stainless steel example. We believe this is a great watch to kickstart your collection simply because it looks great, is easily recognisable and excellent to wear day-to-day.



Rolex Explorer II 216570

Last, but certainly not least, we see the Rolex Explorer II as a great investment to start your watch collection. The Explorer II was the natural progression from the Explorer I, and was introduced in 1971. The watch is an everyday wonder, and includes a 24-hour bezel to distinguish the hours of the day from the hours of the night. The excellence of this watch is matched by the aesthetic looks and looks simply incredible with the steel, white/black and orange second hand.



Rolex Explorer II White Dial and Stainless Steel


The Explorer II is only available in stainless steel and is paired with either a white or black dial along with the signature Rolex Oyster bracelet. The Explorer II is also equipped with calibre 3187, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. This beautiful watch also looks great in both casual and formal situations and with rumours of a new update at the Baselworld 2017, this could be a timepiece to keep an eye on for the future.

Both black and white dial Explorer II models are valued at £5,950 and a great entry point price considering the brand. What is so great about this watch is the legibility of the watch, aesthetically we think it looks great and the fact that the watch is a modern multi-purpose watch for all occasions. The perfect watch for the modern day watch collector.




By Josh Martin, Luxe Watches

Images Courtesy of Rolex, Omega & Luxe Watches