29.03.2023 - Rolex

Highlights of Watches and Wonders 2023 so far…

The Geneva edition of Watches and Wonders 2024 has been an absolute blast with some real surprises and some whacky offerings so far.

We’ve already seen a new Daytona collection from Rolex, along with some new Oyster Perpetual models. Then we have more square-faced Bangs from Hublot and some fancy Piaget jewellery-style offerings… and it’s only day two.


Oyster Perpetual 

We did not see these coming as they’re a little out there for the usual releases from Rolex. 

But the new Oyster Perpetual range in 31mm, 36mm and 41mm are adorned with coloured pink, turquoise, yellow, red and green bubbles on a turquoise dial.

This effervescent design involves quite masterful technique. The dial decoration is carried out in a controlled environment to prevent contamination from dust and requires the utmost precision at every stage to create a marvel of colour!

Cosmograph Daytona

As predicted, Rolex has released a Cosmograph Daytona collection to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the iconic model, including a new steel 126500LN model, but also two-tone, gold and platinum editions. With an updated diesel and a new graphic balance, resized indices and counter rings, they really are stunning watches up close.

The platinum version boasts the first transparent caseback in the series, giving the owner a great view of the new movement – calibre 4131 – to be integrated into the series for up to 72 hours of power reserve.

GMT Master II

Not quite what we expected, but we spied smart grey and black Cereachrom bezels on 18ct yellow gold and yellow Rolesor GMT Master IIs. The new offerings are fitted with Jubilee bracelets with the 3265 movement and an impressive 70-hour power reserve.


Hublot Square Bang collection

Seven new references join the Hublot Square Bang party for 2023. 

The 4-sided face was released last year in 43mm in five case materials but this year we’re being treated to some real bling.

Alongside the Hublot Square Bang Unico Sapphire model, Hublot also has the Square Bang White Ceramic, Square Bang Black Magic and Square Bang Unico models that are available with titanium pave and gold diamonds.

The clear sapphire case is the most noteworthy feature of the new Hublot Square Bang Unico Sapphire and is slightly smaller than the 2022 models, at 41mm. All the case components are made from transparent sapphire but held together with titanium screws.

The new Sapphire edition features the brand’s One-Click strap changing system that connects to a transparent textured rubber strap fitted with a titanium deployant buckle.

MP-13 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Retrograde

Hublot has also released the MP-13 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Retrograde with a four-day power reserve. Now that is impressive, especially as the model is thinner than its previous generation at just 6mm. 

But how on earth do you tell the time? It’s not as hard as it looks! The retrograde hour and minute hands sweep from left to right, pointing out the time. Underneath is a marker revealing how much power is left.


Limelight High Jewellery Watch

If you’ve even been in that bangle or watch on the same wrist dilemma, worry no more. Piaget’s new high jewellery cuff is the answer. Very reminiscent of the 60s, its three new contemporary watches boast intricate designs with a small watch face.

The new options include a rugged design with an oval dial with turquoise and diamonds; a golden bracelet with diamonds with an opal dial and a white gold offering with black opal dial and flashing green-blue lights with emeralds. Jazzy.

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