28.01.2016 - Fashion

How to Properly Communicate with Your Barber

Sitting in the barber’s chair can be a daunting task to face, especially if there’s a new barber that hasn’t got to grips with your hair before. In this age, hair is one of a man’s best possessions – it’s not only girls who worry about it!

A combination of poor barbering can be to blame for a bad haircut, but the main reason is due to a lack of communication. To avoid the chance of getting an awfully disappointing haircut, there are certain ways to communicate with your barber so that you can get the best hairstyle possible and avoid a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ cut!


Your Lifestyle

One of the most effective ways to communicate with your barber is to tell them about your lifestyle. Would an 18 year old part-goer want the same haircut as an 80 year old man (and vice versa).

Your lifestyle has a huge impact on the haircut you have, as well as your general fashion style. Haircuts can be seen as the ultimate men’s fashion accessory that takes time and skill to develop, so your barber really needs to know a rough outline of your lifestyle so that they can alter the cut to suit.


How Short?

Holding your fingers up to show how much you want trimming off your haircut is a definite no-no.

Defining the amount you want chopped off is so important for your barber to know, so giving them a proper measurement can really help you get the best haircut. Suggesting a 1/2 inch chop off the top and 2 inches from the side can avoid any chances of your barber forgetting how wide your fingers were!

One thing you always have to remember is that you can always take more off, but you can’t add more. If you’re not sure about how much you want to chop, take half an inch off and see. If it;s still too long, you can always take more off. it’s not like we have hair extensions too fall back on!


Explain Your Hair History

Giving your barber a brief story of your hair history can really help you get the most out of your trip to the barbers.

Is your hair too dry? Do you suffer from dandruff? Or do you have a huge cowlick on the side of your head? Explaining some of your dilemmas to your barber can help them identify what haircut will suit you the best.

A good barber can create a made-to-measure haircut combining your perfect hairstyle with the condition of your hair, giving you the best haircut for your hair type.


Stick To The Plan!

Once you sit in the barber’s chair and see other people around you getting their haircut, you can completely get lost in the world of ‘short back and sides’.

Although it may be difficult, try your best to avoid changing tactics. This can aggravate your barber as well as end up with the haircut you didn’t want. It’s best to go in with a clear view of what you want rather than changing your mind in there, and regretting is when you leave!




Bring Photos

If in doubt, bring photos of haircuts that you want.

This one can come with a warning; you need to be realistic. You may not get the exact look that you’re going for due to many reasons – not having the same hair type, having different hair problems and even the haircut not suiting the size and shape of your head.

Find photos of your ideal haircut to show your barber; photos of definite no-no’s can also be helpful. By having a bank of photos to show them, they get a good overall idea of the look you’re going for.


Finding the best haircut for you can be hard, but finding the perfect barber and explaining to them what you want is ideal. Men’s haircuts are a great accessory, and paired with a luxury watch and a suave suit; you’ll be oozing class in no time!




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