08.07.2021 - Breitling

How to Spot a Fake Breitling

Few things could be more upsetting than spending thousands on a luxury watch, only to find it is counterfeit.

With Breitling being such a popular brand that prides itself on the elegance and construction of its watches, fabricated models often saturate the market.

Besides a ‘bargain’ low price being an instant red light, there are more points to bear these points in mind when you are shopping for your next luxury timepiece:


The first thing that should be instantly noticeable about a genuine Breitling watch is its weight – they are heavy items, weighing much more than their Rolex and Omega rivals.

So, if you’re not buying from an official retailer, this is should be an automatic indicator that you’re not investing in the real deal.

Here at Luxe Watches, we would always advise buying a Breitling watch from a specialist dealer or shop and avoid stores such as eBay.


There Breitling logo is instantly recognisable as a winged anchor with the brand name Breitling etched onto the face underneath it. There is a small gap between the anchor tip and the wings. The inner lines defining the wings do not define the entire wingspan. This logo should be small and displayed clearly in the watch face.

Often with a fake Breitling watch, the anchor and the wing will touch as they fail to imitate the fine details.

In addition, the ‘B’ logo should appear 3D, with light bouncing off its curve. There are no such characteristics with a replica, as this detail often looks like a stamp on the dial.


With very few exceptions, the second hand of Breitling watches moves mechanically, meaning the action is much smoother and is constant. Breitling forgeries are often battery-powered as they are much cheaper to produce You would not a staccato-style ticking.

Breitling Navitimer World 1 Chronograph GMT


Numerals should take up the entire cavity of the date window, where often in a replica it will not. This is especially noticeable in the calendar window. Genuine watches have a numeral occupying the whole space and are very clear to read.

Every genuine Breitling watch has its model and serial number either on the band or casing. These numbers can be easily checked with an official dealer.


You should always receive a certificate of authenticity with your Breitling purchase. This demonstrates technical specifications of the watch and its manufacturing origin. The seller of a second hand Breitling should still be able to provide this document.

If you have any doubt about the watch you are buying and its authenticity, always seek the advice of a certified retailer. Here at Luxe Watches, we are here to help you find the perfect Breitling watch, so visit or call us today.