15.09.2021 - News

Is there a ‘right way’ to wear a Rolex watch?

This is a question we get asked a lot here at Luxe Watches. But the answer is a bit more complex than ‘yes’. There are lots of considerations including watch type, size and bracelet or strap. Even how the watch is worn can impact how it looks. Obviously personal preference rules the roost but here are a few guidelines to follow when trying to style your watch.

Where to wear   

The top consideration is comfort as if it’s not nice to wear, you’ll be squirming about looking for the clasp all day – that or it’ll become a reject in a drawer somewhere.

When people say a watch is worn on the wrist, actually it’s not. It should be worn just below, on the lower part of your forearm. Whether your watch boasts a metal bracelet or leather strap, it’s not going to fit over the protruding bone on your wrist. In addition, the crown would dig into your hand. Wearing it in the proper spot will ensure comfort all day long.

A snug fit 

There’s nothing worse than a watch that spins round or one that cuts off your circulation. Neither are comfortable options. A loose watch will undoubtedly be damaged by knocking into something while a tight watch will leave indentation marks on your arm.

Links in bracelets can be very easily added or taken away to get the watch fitting snugly just below your wrist. Some clasps have built-in extensions for tool-free adjustment while others set the circumference of the bracelet to inbetween sizes.

The Rolex Sea Dweller features the Glidelock adjustment system and under the clasp you can extend or reduce the bracelet by increments of just 2mm.

One solution can be to get a rubber strap for your Rolex to help keep it preserved and allow you to wear your watch both tight and loosely without having to worry about wear and tear to your bracelet.

The ‘right’ wrist

Is there a right way to wear a watch? They usually say that if you’re right-handed your watch goes on the left and vice versa. This means you can easily wind the watch and operate the functions with your dominant hand. 

For example a Rolex Daytona has a chronograph pusher designed to be operated by the right hand due to its configuration. However, again personal preference is always the winner so if you want to go against the grain and wear it on the ‘wrong’ wrist then go ahead!

Match it to an event

  • Going to a wedding? You could go for a classy option like a yellow gold Rolex Cellini.It would fit well under your suit cuff plus the gold is a great colour for sense of a dressy occasion. 
  • Beach holiday? We’d recommend something like a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner – the perfect diving watch and looks great with a t-shirt and swim shorts. 
  • Watching the football? Try a stainless steel sports watch such as the Rolex Explorer II. 
  • Business meeting? SImply think smart. We love a Rolex Datejust with a suave shirt.

Colour coordination

There is also a coloured dial to consider so if you fancy a splash of colour, check out a Rolex Oyster Perpetual with a coral red dial. This can be worn as a statement piece so there’s no need to coordinate it with your tie or shirt. Cohesive is good, contrived is not!

The only exception when it comes to colour is matching leather straps with belts or shoes. We say black and brown is a clash so stick to one or the other.

Sense of style

Your watch should bring your outfit together whatever the occasion. It shouldn’t overpower it but should take it to the next level.

If you’d like help to find your perfect watch, our team can help. So whether you fancy a Rolex or perhaps a Patek Philippe, contact us to make an appointment today.