25.08.2020 - Rolex

Look what just landed… the Rolex GMT-Master II Sea-King

Something very rare and very exciting has landed with us today.

Only 123 of the Rolex GMT Master II ‘Limited Edition Sea King’ watches were ever created, making it a sensational investment.

And we are absolutely thrilled to have one in stock here at Luxe Watches.

The GMT-Master II needs no introduction but the Sea King is a limited edition watch powered by the Oyster Perpetual movement.


Sea Kings operated during British Military operations and remain legendary helicopters; noted as being the ‘cornerstone to British Military aviation’ 

These aircraft served in every British conflict since 1969 including the Falklands, Afghanistan and Gulf Wars. 

The GMT-Master itself has it’s heritage steeped in aviation history, designed for pilots in the 1960’s and used throughout the Concorde program.

In 2014, an ex-Royal Navy officer who spent many years with the Sea King helicopters approached prestige manufacturers to see if he could commission a number of watches to be made to celebrate the history of the Sea King helicopter.

Rolex agreed to the proposition and engraved the caseback of the watches with an image of the Mk 1 Sea King helicopter with the motto “Fear God, Honour the King”, along with a unique edition number. 

Only 123 pieces were ever made to signify the 123% torque; which was the maximum power the Rolls Royce engine could produce without damaging the gearbox.

These were never on sale to the general public – only to those serving or ex-serving member of the British Military who had a significant tie to the Sea-King.

This particular watch has flown many hours in the Sea King; including with the Marines in the Arctic, embarking on several Royal Naval ships and military mountain training in the Alps. In addition, the piece has also been worn in over 100 subsequent search and rescue in the highlands of Scotland.


The 40mm black dial complete with stainless steel Oyster bracelet is a classic for everyday wear but is a great watch to store away for a future investment.

The GMT master II has been out since the 1950s and was designed by Rolex as a sports watch. The model was extremely popular for the time as it had dual time functionality as well. 

The Sea King edition has one extra green hand to measure time in two different time zones. This feature was also popular when Rolex developed a relationship with Pan Am Airlines.

In 2017 Rolex introduced an update of the model with enhancements including a new case and wider case lugs, which make the entire watch look bigger and bulkier.

The bezel on this edition is ceramic (rather than aluminium) and the Cerachrom dial is great for reading at night time, with superb magnification of the date.

It is simply a very traditional and substantial sport watch finished in stainless steel.

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This beautifully engineered military timepiece, which is fully waterproof to 100m, will be incredibly valuable in future years.

We have just one available priced £49,995.00 and comes with its original box and paperwork, as well as paperwork documenting it’s 2019 Rolex Service.

Do get in touch with our sales team if you’d love to see this Sea-King in your luxury watch collection.