02.02.2021 - Luxe Watches

Luxe Watches’ discontinued find is out of this world

If you’re reaching to the stars for your next luxury watch, our phenomenal Patek Philippe Grand Complications Celestial 5102G should be in your orbit.

Complete with 43mm 18K white gold case and a fixed matching bezel, this stunning watch, featuring the sky visible from Geneva in its dial, is quite the show stopper. And we’re proud to have one here in stock, complete with its original box and paperwork.

Craftsmanship at its finest

This men’s Grand Complication is created with the same mastery you’d expect from any Patek Philippe.It’s compact on the wrist and has impressive form thanks to its beautiful construction – particularly the engraving – which is quite breathtaking. But it’s the dial that deserves your full attention. 

The blue dial represents the night sky and features the milky way, the moon and stars in the northern hemisphere. Sounds too complicated already, right? But it’s actually an easy watch to set and read as the contrast of the light hands on the darker dial is perfect. There are two crowns – the higher operates the winding and setting mechanisms while the lower crown is for setting the celestial complications. A set of three sapphires gives a stunning 3D effect which can be best appreciated when face to face with the watch.


At any time, the owner of this timepiece may admire the exact configuration of the sky in the northern hemisphere, with the apparent movement of the stars and the phases and orbit of the moon. The watch features a moving sky chart underneath the fixed oval aperture at the top half of the dial- and that’s what you would see at night when you’re at the same latitude as Geneva or other locations with the same latitude. The moonphase allows you to see where the moon is relative to the stars of the milky way. 

Calatrava crosses

The side of the case finish is both blasted and alternately polished and decorated with half Calatrava crosses recurring around it. The rest of the case is simple. The bezel is domed and double-stepped on its lip as well as its junction with the Sapphire. 

The strap is thin, in medium scale black alligator leather with a white gold folding clasp and monochrome underside. Given the price, for anyone wanting that extra assurance about authenticity, there is a hallmark with the Geneva seal. And what more can we say about this watch? It’s water resistant to 25m and has an impressive 38-hour power reserve. And we’re so confident you’ll love it that we even offer a 12-month warranty.

Keen to know more?

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