08.07.2018 - Richard Mille

Luxe Watches Review: Richard Mille RM 67-02 Sebastian Ogier Carbon TPT

The new RM 67-02 was originally introduced in 2017, and the latest RM 67-02, released in May 2018, draw inspiration from 3 new Richard Mille ambassadors and their respective sports. This include the French World Rally star Sebastien Ogier, rising German Tennis star Alexander Zverev and established French skiing champion Alexis Pinturault.

The latest collection of the RM 67-02’s keeps hold of the fundamental aspects of the original RM 67 -02 – ultra lightweight, maximum comfort and super cool design.

Luxe Watches recently had the opportunity to get hands on with the new RM 67-02 styled on Sebastien Ogier in carbon TPT and red, blue and white hues.

The watch epitomises Richard Mille as a brand – designed with versatility and adaptability. Each of the new RM 67-02 collection adapts in to their respective fields. In this instance, the Sebastien Ogier RM 67-02 fits in to the world of Rally-Car racing by being ultra lightweight and super thin.

With thanks to the in-house developed automatic caliber movement, the model is able to handle any situation and stress, successfully adapting to sports including, racing, tennis, athletics and extreme skiing.

One thing that really stands out with this watch is the fact that it is so incredibly light whilst in your hands and on the wrist. It is truly something to behold. Including the elastic strap, the watch weighs a miniscule 32 grams.

It is the combination of the size, case material and movement that creates a uniquely lightweight watch. The watch measures in at 38.7mm in diameter, with a thickness of just 7.8mm. The watchcase, made up of the front bezel and case back, is made from the signature Richard Mille Quartz TPT, whilst the case band between front bezel and baseplate is made from Carbon TPT.

Richard Mille are no strangers when it comes to creating lightweight watches. In the entire collection of Richard Mille watches, the RM 027-01 Nadal is the lightest of them all and weighs in total a mere 19 grams including strap. The RM 27-01 was effectively adapted to Rafa Nadals‘ game, effectively being as light as possible and being able to withstand an incredible amount of G-Force. This is done through the use of lightweight Carbon and a movement held in total suspension in its case using a system of pulleys and winches.

The RM 067-02 is equipped with the in-house developed CRMA7 automatic calibre movement made from grade 5 titanium and a combination of carbon TPT and 18k white gold applied bridges, and carbon TPT for the variable-geometry rotor. The watch beats at circa 28,800 VpH and features a very reasonable 50-hour power reserve.

The beauty of this watch is matched perfectly with the elastic comfort strap, in keeping in line with its lightweight nature and super comfort being.

The collection of new RM 67-02 are available from selected Richard Mille boutiques internationally and have a retail price of $120,500.00.

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Images taken by Luxe Watches.