07.09.2021 - Accessories

Maintain your prestige with our new Luxe Watches cleaning kit

Sweat, dust, grime and the environment can all play havoc with your luxury watch. If you wear it daily, it can start to look old before its time.

While timepieces may have different requirements you can rest assured that with our new Luxe Watches cleaning kit, you’ll have everything you need to keep your beloved Rolex or Patek in top notch condition.

What’s in the kit?

Our new essential kit, priced £38.95, is available to buy now from our beautiful new Epping boutique. But if you live further afield, you can also purchase from our Instagram page as well as from eBay.

In the kit you’ll get the following:

  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Specialised watch cleaning solution
  • Cleaning brush
  • Watch polishing cloth
  • Leather ‘restore and revive’ cleaner 

Cleaning your luxury watch

While most watches are made from tough materials such as stainless steel and gold – fairly robust and popular for use in watchmaking – they do get scuffed from time to time. Keeping up a regular cleaning schedule will protect the metal and stop it from dulling.

Before you start cleaning your watch, ensure any little screws and crowns are fully tightened.

Microfibre cleaning cloth

Use the dry Luxe Watches microfibre cleaning cloth to remove any dust or dirt from the bracelet. As it’s wiped over the watch surface it creates a static charge that attracts dirt to the cloth until it’s washed. Clever, hey? If any residue still remains you can wet the cloth to take away any last bits of dirt.

Specialised watch cleaning solution

This super cleanser should be poured into a small bowl, with enough to fully submerge your watch. Leaving your watch in there for a good 15 minutes to thoroughly cleanse it.

Cleaning brush

The crafty tool will help you get to grips with any dirt in any awkward places, for example between links in the bracelet or around the crown.

Watch polishing cloth

For a final buff to give your watch a super sheen, this is the cloth you need to leave it sparkling.

Leather ‘restore & revive’ cleaner 

Leather can start to look old rather quickly and can deteriorate quickly due to sweat, dead skin cells, dust, dirt or body oil. Whilst it’s likely that a leather watch strap will need changing at some point, regular cleaning can extend its lifespan.

Our new cleaning kit contains a natural and organic leather restoring and reviving balm which enhances the look and prolongs the feel of the leather, whilst also adding a waterproof coating.

A small touch on your microfibre cloth will enhance the lustre of the leather, bringing it back to life.

Buy our new cleaning kit 

If you’d like to buy our cleaning kit it’s available to buy and collect from our boutique, or you can order from eBay or our instagram page.

Don’t forget, it’s always a good idea to store your luxury timepiece in a covered case or somewhere else where dust can’t settle into the band’s crevices.To find out more, contact  0203 397 1596 or book an appointment.