30.09.2022 - Luxe Watches

Meet the team… Jamie John Porter

A newcomer to Luxe Watches is our junior operations coordinator for the sales team, Jamie John Porter. He’s been with us for two months now and has settled in well at our Epping boutique.

We quizzed him about his favourite watch brand and more.

What’s the most unusual watch you’ve seen here?

There are a lot of nice watches here but the most unusual is the Bovet Sportster Saguaro SP0420 as it’s a limited edition with only one piece available! We have it in stock right now. It’s a striking watch with a rose gold and baguette diamond case, black dial with a chronograph function and automatic movement. Whoever gets their hands on this one will love it – it comes with the original box and the paperwork too.

Which is your favourite luxury watch brand?

For me, it’s got to be Richard Mille. The watches are so distinctive – really pushing the limits of technical innovation. I love the bold colours the brand uses – some of them are so whacky – and the fact that the shape and size of the watch makes it instantly recognisable. I really like the Richard Mille RM 35-03 ‘Rafael Nadal’ NTPT Carbon. We have one unworn in stock at the moment. If I had the cash I’d be very tempted!

Take a watch, any watch…. What do you choose?

If it was offered to me for free it would have to be the 18k gold Rolex King Midas. It’s an elegant design and it looks really classy. Not many people know this but Gerald Genta had a hand in designing it – and I also love the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus. The King Midas is far from the traditional, run-of-the-mill designs, I like the unusual shape. It’s also limited to 1000 pieces so another good investment piece.

Which watch would you recommend as a great investment?

If you can get your hands on one, a Rolex Submariner is a great investment and well sought after with good selling-on prices. The watch has broken records over the years with its unique design, functionality and aesthetics, so you can understand why it’s so popular. 

Tweaks to the design have only been slight over the years so depending on which version of dial you have can escalate the price. Some details can secure thousands in value, so coupled with the iconic design, it’s clearly one of the world’s most coveted watches.

What timepiece would be great for a first-time buyer? 

For a good first watch I would recommend the Rolex Datejust in 36mm. It’s a timeless classic – one of the most recognised and recognisable. I particularly like the Oyster Perpetual in Oystersteel and white gold, featuring a diamond-set dial and a jubilee bracelet. It’s just a really elegant watch with a fluted bezel. Plus the black face is really distinctive and instantly a Rolex watch from a quick glance.

What are you enjoying most about working in the watch industry?

I love being able to express my passion for watches. There is so much going on and each day is different. We never know if a customer is just going to turn up with a really unusual watch. It’s great as I get to surround myself and also discuss all the new watches that come and go from the store.

Luxe watches buys and sells your new and pre-worn luxury timepieces.

If you’d like Jamie to assist you with your next purchase, come along to our Epping boutique or contact us on 020 3820 2223.