25.10.2022 - News

Meet the team… Jed Brailey

Jed Brailey, our purchasing & aftersales manager has been at Luxe Watches for just over two years now and is very much enjoying the role. We quizzed him about his favourite deal, his dream watch and what he’s loving about the industry.

What has been your favourite watch deal? 
Working in purchasing, It’s not often I have sold a watch, however I have been instrumental in some part exchange and sourcing deals with customers. 

One task I enjoyed was sourcing a customer a Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921.

When Vacheron produced the 1921, it caught the attention of car-loving consumers. With its cushion case, slanted dial and stylish numerals was produced in limited quantities for the American market – hence the name. The watch ended up being a big hit because it could be easily read with hands on the steering wheel – hence the slant of the dial.

The customer then swapped his Batman for it!

What’s the most unusual watch you’ve seen at LW? 
At the moment we have a stunning, unique Bovet Sportster in stock and we believe it’s a 1/1 piece! It’s certainly a ‘different’ looking watch to what usually comes across my desk!
At a whopping 46mm in diameter it certainly stands out from the crowd; particularly as it’s rose gold and covered in baguette diamonds. It’s quite the showpiece with its black dial featuring chronograph function with rose gold hands and a date indicator as 12 o’clock and automatic movement.

Pick a watch, any watch for free… what do you choose? 
I would absolutely be picking a Nautilus – in particular the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712/1A. I simply love the watch – the size, the finishing, the subtle blue dial – I wouldn’t be able to resist.
In a rather unconventional layout the watch features a moon phase indicator, date-by-hand, power reserve indicator and a sub-seconds dial. The dial looks smart with the white gold – and you could wear it dressed up or casually. For me, there’s nothing that beats it!

What would you recommend as a good first watch?
It’s hard to suggest a first watch as a lot of factors come into play. You’ve got to consider  budget, availability and size preference for a start. What I would recommend if you’re considering an expensive watch, is going with a Swiss watchmaker as this is an indication of superb quality. 
In terms of specific details, I would advise you pick something that fits your budget and suits your style. No one can tell you which watch to buy, it’s all down to personal preference. Try the watches on, if you possibly can, as this will give you an idea of its fit and weight too.
If I had to suggest something now, I would say an Omega Speedmaster would be a good purchase if it’s within your budget – or a Rolex Datejust. Rolex watches are highly sought after for their elegance, luxury, and ever-increasing value.

Why do you like working in the industry?
I like working in the industry because I enjoy keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in the watch world. I love hearing about and seeing new releases. I’m also really interested in price adjustments and what is selling well.
Arguably the single most important point when it comes to working with luxury watches is the sheer dedication and skill it takes to craft them. At the core of every superb timepiece is the marvel of how it’s been created,

Have you ever served a celebrity?
I have purchased various watches from footballers over the years. I won’t mention them by name to maintain their privacy but it’s no secret that footballers enjoy watches.
As you can imagine they have some great ones to sell from time to time, so I do take pleasure in assisting them when they do contact us. 

If you need help to source your dream watch, give Jed a call today on 0203 397 1596.