02.02.2024 - Hublot

Nothing’s impossible as Hublot goes hands free

Hublot’s new ‘no dial or hands’ offering is something straight out of Mission Impossible – with no fewer than 592 components.

The latest space age creation from this maverick brand – introduced during LVMH Watch Week 20224 in Miami –  takes a bold step in redefining traditional watchmaking. 

And MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System Titanium certainly challenges the norm with its innovative features. 

Departing from the conventional dial, hands, and oscillating weight, this distinctive masterpiece introduces (wait for it…) a roller display, a circular power reserve, and an inclined tourbillon with automatic winding facilitated by two linear weights.

Anticipation always runs high when Hublot announces a new Manufacture Piece (MP), and the new avant-garde reveal lives up to the excitement. 

Captivating design 

The brief for the new MP collection, was that each piece has to reinvent existing watchmaking complications but needs to create something exclusive as well as open up new avenues in research and development.

Its captivating design, characterised by rounded angles and a sophisticated sapphire crystal of unparalleled complexity, immediately captures attention. 

For starters, there is no dial. But it goes further than other Hublot pieces, as it also has no hands. 

The Hublot MP is meant to be eye-catching and it’s definitely that. The highly intricate movement, embodies a fabulous fusion of form and substance. There are four constantly moving cylindrical displays suspended in a cushion-shaped case.

More features

Two discs display hours and minutes, which feature an invisible magnifying glass for good legibility and red aluminum pointers to tell the time. A power reserve has green and red zones to show how much charge is left. It will give out 48 hours of power but can be wound manually with the crown.

The 60-second tourbillon is quite special. Seconds in the lower third are indicated directly on the tourbillon cage. It is made from monobloc aluminium, suspended and inclined, and a patent application is pending for this unique mechanical configuration.

The layout is designed to be intuitive, you can tell the time (from top to bottom) it just takes a while to get used to how!

Like all the other MPs, the MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System is a complete, accomplished watch that only a few collectors will be able to lay their hands on as only 50 pieces are available.

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