10.12.2021 - Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co. Announce the Last Ever Nautilus 5711

Patek Philippe announced the final release of its limited edition Nautilus Ref. 5711 watch in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. on Monday 6th December 2021. The series is limited to 170 timepieces, each costing almost $53,000. Launched to celebrate the 170 year anniversary of the pair’s partnership this highly anticipated watch is really causing a stir. Read on to find out more about the watch itself, the price of the Tiffany 5711 timepiece, why it’s so expensive and the history of Patek Philippe and Tiffany’s partnership.

Patek Philippe Tiffany Watch Product Details

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A-018 celebrates the 170th anniversary of the partnership between Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co. The dial is in the iconic Tiffany blue colour and features both brands’ signatures, with Patek Philippe at 12 o’clock and Tiffany & Co. at 6 o’clock. The Tiffany 5711 is fitted with a self-winding 26-330 S C calibre, visible through a sapphire-crystal case back and is inscribed with “170th Anniversary 1851-2021 Tiffany & Co. With only 170 pieces ever produced this watch is set to go down as one of the most sought after Patek Philippe watches in history.

Patek Philippe x Tiffany & Co Price

The Patek Philippe Tiffany 5711 with blue dial is on sale exclusively at Tiffany’s in New York, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco with a price of $52,635. That being said, it’s almost impossible to get a hold of one.

Soon to be retired in 2022 a limited edition model of the reference 5711 is set to be sold on 11th December 2021 at Phillips auction house. Though there is no reserve and no estimate on the watch it is anticipated to beat the price of an olive green factory sealed Nautilus 5711/1A, which sold at Antiquorum in July for almost $500,000. One hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of the latest Patek Philippe Tiffany watch will be donated to The Nature Conservancy (TNC). 

Why Is The Nautilus Patek Philippe Tiffany So Expensive

Though all Patek Philippe watches come with a highly exclusive and expensive price tag due to their high performance, technical detail, long production times and lower inventories compared to other brands, the Patek Philippe Tiffany is expected to be one of the brand’s most expensive and sought after watches to date.

The Patek Philippe and Tiffany 5711 comes with a $52,635 price tag, however, this is expected to skyrocket in value post-purchase and is estimated to be worth 10 times more than that. This particular timepiece is attracting watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide but this isn’t the first time the Nautilus has garnered so much interest.

Launched in 1976, the Nautilus was one of the first luxury sports watches made from steel. While this model is one of the brand’s most famous pieces, the popularity of Nautilus really picked up when the brand released the 5711 to celebrate the Nautilus’ 30th birthday in 2006. Interest in the 5711 snowballed and popularity grew again when the brand released two new Nautilus models for their 40th anniversary in 2016.

Today roughly 20% of all Patek Philippe watches are from the Nautilus range and with the announcement earlier this year that the Nautilus 5711 is being phased out, demand from collectors has drastically shot through the roof, which has in turn increased the value of the timepiece. 

Earlier this year an olive green factory sealed Nautilus 5711/1A sold at Antiquorum auction for almost $500,000, which is 14 times its original retail price, demonstrating just how much value the Nautilus 5711 holds within the luxury watch community.

Patek Philippe and Tiffany History

Patek Philippe and Tiffany’s history dates back to 1851 when Tiffany became the first official US retail partner of Patek. Antoine Norbert de Patek met with Charles Lewis Tiffany in New York on a business trip whereby Tiffany agreed to stock an impressive 150 Patek Philippe watches.

Then in 1876, the two brands signed an agreement that appointed Tiffany & Co as the general representatives of Patek Philippe in the United States. The agreement stated that Tiffany would safeguard Patek Philippe’s interests in the US as if they were their own. In return, Patek Philippe would also safeguard Tiffany’s interests. A physical representation of the two companies’ collaboration can be found in the form of a huge façade sign “Agents for Tiffany & Co., New York” at Patek Philippe’s historic headquarters facing the Grand Quai.

In the years following, Tiffany & Co also played a key role in the relationship between Patek Philippe and major American timepiece collectors such as Henry Graves Junior. In the years between 1900 and 1930 Graves commissioned Patek Philippe to produce an extensive range of complicated watches, one of which was named after him – the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication (no. 198.385).

The relationship between the pair continued to flourish and in 2008 Patek Philippe opened a boutique within the famous Tiffany retail store on Fifth Avenue. The duo has since released several collaborative watches with the first being launched in 2001 to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of their partnership. Each limited edition timepiece is signed by both brands on the dial. Today, Tiffany & Co. is the world’s only retailer whose name appears on a Patek Philippe dial, making these watches highly sought after by watch collectors.

Other Limited Edition Patek Philippe And Tiffany & Co Watches

2001 – Annual Calendar Refs. 5150R, 5150J and 5150G

The 5150 Annual Calendar was released in 2001 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the partnership between Patek Philippe and Tiffany. This was the first limited edition timepiece created for a US retailer and only 450 timepieces were made including 150 in rose gold, 150 in yellow gold, and 150 in white gold. Unlike most Patek Philippe watches, the 5150 has the month indicated as a number rather than in text form. Featuring an oversized T at 12 o’clock and the brand’s signature positioned below the moon phase to represent the Tiffany brand, the 5150 Annual Calendar was the first of its kind. 

2012- Gondolo Refs. 4987G-001 and 4987G-010

The Gondolo 4987G was presented in 2012 on the fifth anniversary of the Patek Philippe boutique opening in Tiffany’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York. The 4987G ladies Gondolo is crafted in white gold and features the classic Art Deco style. Signed by both brands the 4987G was limited to only 25 timepieces. Available in either matte blue with a sunburst dial or white mother of pearl dial, both styles featured a tonneau-shaped case and a bezel gem set with 164 diamonds (0.63 ct).

2012 – Annual Calendar Ref. 5396G-012

The 5396G Annual Calendar was launched at the same time as the ladies 4987G Gondolo to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Patek Philippe boutique at Tiffany’s in New York. Crafted from white gold this men’s Patek Philippe watch was limited to only 100 timepieces. It displays the day of the week and the month in a double aperture at 12 o’clock and has an analogue date at 6 o’clock. With a sleek black dial featuring both brands’ signatures and a sub-counter in the lower portion of the dial serving both as a moon phase indicator and 24-hour register, the 5396G helped pave the way for the latest Patek Philippe and Tiffany Nautilus addition. The case back also features the engraved inscription “Patek Philippe – A Shared Vision – 2008- 2013, recalling the anniversary of the pair’s partnership.

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