08.07.2021 - Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Introduce the New Chic Twenty-4 Ladies Quartz Collection for 2018

Last week, Patek Philippe announced that it would be releasing a chic, modern and mechanically advanced version of the original ‘Twenty-4’ ladies quartz wristwatch (ref. 4910). Over the years, the Swiss manufacturer has added a variety of new pieces to its Nautilus and Aquanaut men’s collections, however not much change has come to the ladies. For that reason, the makeover of one of Patek’s most recognisable and more affordable female timepiece’s is a welcome surprise!

What’s changed?

It has been almost twenty years since the first ‘Twenty-4’ collection was released by Patek and since then a lot has changed. Shapes and styles that were once fashionable have become out-dated and today, the thought of spending more than £10,000 on a watch that is powered by quartz is well, a bit of an anti-climax.

However saying that, Patek has listened to the concerns and desires of the latest generations, and set themselves a goal to renovate the dated model whilst maintaining the elegant appeal that suits every kind of woman. Whether you love to travel and explore, dress to impress or schmooze whilst drinking Prosecco, the ‘Twenty-4’ automatic collection has been purposefully designed to fulfil the varied needs of its owners in today’s modern world.

‘This highly contemporary watch was created to accompany eclectic and vibrant lifestyles around the clock, glistening with the fire of genuine diamonds’- Patek Philippe

The Shape

We’ll start with the most obvious difference, the altered shape of the watch face. Whilst for some the slim rectangular face is appealing, for me, nothing beats a beautiful smooth round dial.

Twenty-something years ago, the ‘Twenty-4’ collection was arguably more a fashion accessory than a wristwatch. The tiny face made it difficult to read the time, there were no additional features like date indication, and the continuously rectangular shape made it seem more like a bracelet than a functioning wristwatch. Now, the ‘Twenty-4’ automatic epitomises the beauty of merging sophisticated style with practicality.

Probably one of, if not the only parallel between the two watches is of course the bracelet. It seems Patek wanted to keep some part of the original design in the revamp, and to be honest, they chose the best feature to stick with. The steel/ rose gold solid linked bracelet is pretty much an exact copy of the bracelet seen on the original model’s, the only major difference is that the automatic piece features the newest Patek double fold over clasp.


The rounded watch face is much larger, allowing space for gold applied Arabic numerals and minute markers for useful day-to-day time telling. One other major difference is the extra date indication feature at 6 o’clock. Since Patek Philippe is hoping to target a younger audience, who are constantly moving and on the go, the date feature was met with nothing but positivity.

The five new automatic watches feature either a coloured sun burst dial (in keeping with its predecessors) or a new patterned dial with a shimmering vertical and horizontal satin finish, which only adds to the graceful feminine appeal. To top things off, watchmakers have added an enchanting double row diamond-set bezel that perfectly complements the glossy case, because with diamonds you achieve two things, first the lavish appearance and second the female gaze!


And lastly, we move on to the most significant feature, the movement. Patek decided to fit the original ‘Twenty-4’ collection with an E15 quartz movement that continues to be used in ref. 4910 today. It was about time that in a world full of mechanical self-wound, solar and kinetic watches, Patek updated the ‘Twenty-4’ quartz to a self-winding mechanical c.3245C movement, because let’s face it, quartz doesn’t really scream luxury!

Watch specifications:

Calibre: 3245C

Bezel set: 160 (0.77 ct) diamonds

Diameter: 36mm

Height: 10.05 mm

Water resistance: 30m

Price: £19,970 (STEEL) £34,750 (ROSE GOLD)

Although the prices of the new automatic additions to the ‘Twenty-4’ collection are steeper than their predecessors, the carefully placed diamond encrusted bezel, useful day-to-day functions and up-to-date self-winding movement is justification alone. An update of the women’s ‘Twenty-4’ collection has been a long time coming, and quite frankly, Patek has smashed it!

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