10.12.2020 - Richard Mille

Richard Mille: How To Take Care Of Your Watch

Not only are Richard Mille watches innovative pieces of technology that tell the time and are ideal for high intensity sports, they’re also a status symbol and a luxury fashion accessory that many aspire to own. With that being said, caring for your Richard Mille watch at home is a must in between having it professionally serviced to ensure that it stays in good condition and can continue to be enjoyed. Read our guide on how to take care of your watch as well as what Richard Mille servicing and watch repair services we offer.

How To Store Your Richard Mille Watch

Whether you wear your Richard Mille watch everyday, save it only for special occasions or are a watch collector wanting to safeguard your watch for the future, correctly storing your Richrd Mille watch is a must for keeping it in tip top condition. Although watches are designed to be worn, ensuring your watch is cared for correctly means you are in a better position to sell or pass down your Richard Mille watch to the next generation. It’s crucial that when storing your watch overnight or for long periods of time that it is protected from heat, light, moisture and dust. There are various watch storage solutions that will help protect your Richard Mille watch from the elements.

When storing your Richard Mille watch you should consider the following watch storage options:

  • Store your Richard Mille watch in a safe

If you don’t already own a safe in your home, it may be worth considering getting one, especially when dealing with high end luxury watches such as Richard Mille. Although storing your watch in a safe may seem a little extreme, you’ll be thankful for having one in the event of a burglary. At the very least, you’ll have the peace of mind that your watch is safe.

  • Watch Storage Case

Regardless of whether you choose to store your Richard Mille watch on display or or out of sight, you should ensure it is protected in a storage case. Watch storage cases have specially shaped compartments that will allow your Richard Mille watch to perfectly rest inside and be protected by the surrounding cushioning. There are plenty of case styles available, including, leather watch cases, glass watch cases and portable travel cases.

  • Watch Drawer Insert

If you prefer to keep your watch collection organised and out of sight, then a watch drawer insert is a great alternative. Impressive to look at when showing off your collection, a drawer insert will do the same job as a case, keeping your watches separate and protected. Although you will still need a separate case to transport them, a drawer insert will protect your Richard Mille watch from any scratches or abrasions.

How To Maintain Your Richard Mille Watch In Storage

Now that you know how to store your Richard Mille watch, let’s consider how to maintain your watch. Whilst using a specialist watch storage box will help protect your watch from any knocks or abrasions, there are several other things you can do to ensure your watch stays in good condition.

To ensure your Richard Mille watch is kept in a good condition, you should consider the following:

  1. Store Your Watch Face Up

No matter which storage method you go for, you should always store your watch facing up. Watch faces can be easily scratched when stored the wrong way round. They are often the most difficult part to repair or replace too, so storing your watch facing up will ensure you avoid any scratches to the facing. In addition it makes it easier to see your watch collection, when choosing which timepiece to wear.

  1. Store Your Watch Witch Silica Gel

Silica gel is ideal for long term watch storage and prevents damage from mould or mildew while keeping the container fresh. Silica gel can be especially useful for watches with fabric or leather straps that can be more prone to mould. Silica gel can be purchased online, with some types changing colour when they have absorbed moisture, letting you know that they need changing.

  1. Keep Your Richard Mille Watch Paperwork To Hand

Be sure to keep your Richrd Mille paperwork close to hand but in a safe place. The paperwork is vital in authenticating your watch and the value of your timepiece can be affected without it. High end luxury watches such as Richard Mille can be a great long term investment so ensuring you have the paperwork is crucial. To ensure your watch retains or increases its value you should keep all relevant paperwork in a safe place, separate to your watch. This will ensure that in case of a burglary you have evidence for any insurance claims.

  1. Keep Your Watch Out Of Bright Direct Sunlight

Bright light is another condition that should be avoided especially where dials are black as these can fade to chocolate brown shades. However it should be noted that in some cases these dials can become more valuable as unusual ageing can increase value, although this is not the case with all watches. It’s best to just keep your Richard Mille watch out of bright direct sunlight to avoid any sun damage.

How To Clean Your Richard Mille Watch

While you should regularly have your watch professionally serviced, it will also help if you know how to clean your watch’s exterior between professional cleanings. You can use ordinary cotton buds and non abrasive cloths to lightly clean the face and case. If possible remove the straps from your watch before cleaning as Richard Mille rubber straps can be cleaned using a small amount of mild solution of soapy water. For fabric and leather straps, dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. Be sure never to fully submerge your watch when cleaning even if it is waterproof and be careful not to clean too vigorously. A gentle clean will remove any sweat or dirt in between professional watch servicing. 

For more information about cleaning watches: How to Clean Your Watch.

Richard Mille Watch Servicing 

Your Richard Mille watch is a sophisticated and complex mechanical device, designed and constructed using the most modern watchmaking techniques and materials that exist. Your watch is a finely tuned machine and as such requires proper care and attention in order to guarantee a long running life of carefree operation.

We offer an extensive range of high quality Richard Mille servicing options that match the quality, precision, and high standards of the original manufacturers. You should have your watch serviced every 4-5 years but specialist cleaning can be carried out more frequently, especially if you regularly wear your Richard Mille watch and want it looking its best for a special occasion.

To have your watch serviced by Luxe Watches you can either bring your timepiece to our boutique in Essex or arrange to have your watch sent to us. Once your watch is returned to you, you’ll also receive a standard 12-month warranty upon completion. With each watch servicing we also provide a complimentary specialist watch clean and polish and we take extensive measures to ensure your watch is returned to you as new.

Richard Mille Watch Repairs

If for whatever reason your Richard Mille watch needs repairing, we also offer a luxury watch repairs service. We have the expertise and knowledge to repair and locate parts for almost any make or model of watch, so you can rest assured that any Richard Mille watch repairs carried out by us will be completed to the highest standard.

For more information on our Richard Mille watch servicing and repairs give us a call on 0203 397 1596. Or if you’re interested in adding another timepiece to your watch collection, explore our range of Richard Mille watches for sale.