05.10.2018 - Richard Mille

Richard Mille Limited Edition Pieces!

At the moment, Luxe Watches currently boasts a pretty enviable collection of limited edition Richard Mille. Since the collection consists of not only some of the world’s most complicated wrist watches, but some of the rarest and collectable timepieces around, we thought it would only be fair to share it with those passionate watch enthusiasts out there.

RM 011 Felipe Massa “Yellow Storm” Americas Edition 

First, we have the RM011 “Yellow Storm”, just one of the many RM pieces inspired by and designed for the former Brazilian Formula One racer, Felipe Massa. Keeping in with the classic racing elements, the “Yellow Storm” features automatic flyback pushers and chronograph subdials.

The sporty NTPT carbon case features the iconic Richard Mille skeletonized dial, because, why let all that hard work go unnoticed? Adding a touch of colour, the “Yellow Storm” features some beautifully bold yellow components including an inner dial tachymeter scale and rubber strap. Other smaller components like the subdial hands feature red tips, this was Richard Mille’s subtle nod to the Brazilian’s former sponsor, Ferrari.

(Limited to 50 pieces worldwide)

 RM 055 Bubba Watson “White Legend” Americas Edition

In 2016 American golfer Bubba Watson collaborated with Richard Mille to add another two additions to the ever-growing Bubba collection; the ‘White Legend’ and, yep you guessed it, the ‘Dark Legend’. The two limited edition pieces were made exclusively for the Americas.

The ‘White Legend’ was designed with the pro golfer’s daily activities and stresses in mind. Watchmakers have made sure that the watch is first, able to withstand the substantial amount of g-force created by Watson’s powerful swings, and second, is lightweight and comfortable to prevent any interference with his performance.

(Limited to 88 pieces worldwide

RM 011 Felipe Massa Boutique “All Gold” Edition

Probably one of the most attractive RM’s available is this stunning “All Gold” RM 011 boutique edition. The wristwatch belongs to the collection inspired by the racing champ Felipe Massa, and so watchmakers incorporated chronograph and fly back functions to ensure accurate timekeeping for those drivers on the track.

The 50mm large case ensures that this golden beauty stands out on all wrist sizes. The transparent dial features an enlarged date indicator at 12 o’clock and month indicator between 4 and 5 o’clock, allowing the wearer to enjoy an abundance of convenient information at just one glance. Every tiny detail is said to be ‘constructed accordingly to the extremely rigorous specification used in the design of F1 cars’. A grade five titanium metal has also been used to construct the inner and most intimate parts of the RM011 to guarantee the watches reliability and robustness.

There’s a reason why these wristwatches have the hefty price tag…

(Limited to 100 pieces worldwide)

RM 035 Rafael Nadal Americas “Black Toro”

In 2017 Richard Mille decided to celebrate Nadal’s return to tennis by introducing two brand new limited edition wristwatches, including the RM 035 “Black Toro”. The “Black Toro”, ‘Toro’ meaning ‘bull’ in Spanish, proudly displays all of its impressive internal mechanisms openly behind two layers of scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Watchmakers were tasked with ensuring the piece was ultra-lightweight and able to cope with the strain generated by Nadal’s powerful strokes. The black TZP ceramic and rose gold case perfectly matches the complicated and mysterious looking dial, which features a number of attractive rose gold elements including the dial hands. This particular case is probably one of the most difficult to manufacture in the world.

(Limited to 50 pieces worldwide)

It’s fair to say that Richard Mille has, and will continue, leading the horological industry towards a future full of crazy, highly technical limited edition pieces. If you are now suddenly craving yourself one of these impressive wristwatches, click here, and you’ll be taken to our current Richard Mille collection page.

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