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Rolex At Baselworld 2017: Pre-Baselworld Rumours And Speculation For Rolex Watch Releases

The turn of the year sees many watch collectors and enthusiasts look to March for the highly anticipated Baselworld event, and what new pieces will be in store for the world to see. Prior to the event, there is also a lot of wild speculation and rumours about new releases, and although our sources are usually very reliable, we have to emphasize to you that these are only rumours, and we have to really wait and see till March to know what Rolex are doing for 2017. Here are just a few rumours that may turn out to be true.



Steel/Gold 2017 Rolex Daytona


Rolex Daytona

Following the immense popularity and demand for last years release – the stainless steel Rolex Daytona with ceramic bezel, it was only natural for Rolex to release yet another variation on the Daytona. This year it is expected that Rolex will release a steel and gold bi-metal Daytona with the new black ceramic bezel, and four new variations dials including slate grey/gold and grey sub-dials, white/gold and white sub-dials, gold/black sub-dials and full black with gold inlay sub-dials.

Not much can be said about any new features or new movements for these anticipated bi-metal Daytona’s, all but Rolex have a tendency to keep to a winning formula, and with that in mind we don’t anticipated major changes. The new stylings along with the combination of the very popular Cerachrom bezel is certainly a wise move from Rolex and is sure to send Rolex collectors and enthusiasts into a frenzy when they eventually officially release.



New Yacht-Master I Stainless Steel Ceramic 2017 Rolex


Rolex Yacht-Master I

Much like the 2016 Baselworld, the Yacht-Master I took much of the limelight when Rolex released the first Everose Rolesor (a combination of 904L Steel and 18K Everose gold) for the Yacht-Master I model and well as releasing both 40mm and 37mm variations in gold & black rubber and steel & platinum. This year, Rolex are expected to re-vamp the model once again with a 904L Steel and black Cerachrom bezel models with rubber full metal bracelet and blue/grey dial variations.

Once again, we expect Rolex to make a few wholesome changes to this model, but very little in terms on changing the overall design and movement of the Yacht-Master I. It is expected that the variations of these models will be available in the 37mm and 40mm sizes the Yacht-Master I comes in. Given the overall popularity of the Yacht-Master I in general, we expect this release to be welcomed with open arms by all Rolex fans, and we look forward to March for more information on these watches.



Rolex GMT-Master 16700 Coke Red Black Bezel 2017


Rolex GMT-Master II

One watch we are very excited about and keeping our fingers crossed for is the introduction of a new GMT-Master II ‘Coke’ red/black bezel black dial watch. The continued popularity of the GMT-Master II 116719BLRO ‘Pepsi’ in 18CT white gold has no doubt been felt at Rolex and a move like this would completely satisfy those calling for the iconic ‘Coke’ to be made.

The now discontinued GMT-Master II ‘Coke’ Ref 16700 is now widely expected to make a well deserved come-back and again will undoubtedly feature the classic black and red Cerachrom bezel with a 18CT white gold case and bracelet. Although we cannot predict what new features, movement or whether the watch will be released in the first place, this is certainly one watch we have on our wish list.



Rolex Pink Gold Day-Date Annual Calendar 2017 Baselworld

Rolex Day-Date 40

Much to the delight of many Rolex fans, there are rumblings in the pipeline of a new update on the Rolex 40mm Day-Date with a new annual calendar function similar to that of the Yacht-Master II & Sky-Dweller movement. This now makes the Day-Date movement an almost perpetual calendar. The new update will feature on four new models, two stainless steel models with a black/white dials and one full 18CT Everose Gold with a silver and diamond baguette dial and a 18CT yellow gold and leather Day-Date with a chocolate dial. This stunning new addition is a welcome addition to the Day-Date series and is said to feature a new 2017 caliber movement.




Rolex Sea-Dweller

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Rolex Sea-Dweller and is expected to mark the occasion with a very special release. The 1967 Rolex Sea-Dweller was the first watch to be fully waterproof to a depth of 610 meters to meet the needs of professional deep-sea divers. This year, it is said that Rolex will celebrate the anniversary of the Sea-Dweller by releasing a limited edition 18CT white gold Sea-Dweller with a black Cerachrom bezel, navy blue dial and luminescent hands, indexes and minute track. The watch is certainly a beautiful creation and a very fitting tribute to a classic piece of watchmaking that shaped horology.




Rolex Baselworld 2017 Explorer II


Rolex Explorer II

Baselworld serves as the perfect opportunity for Rolex to update new models, to strengthen certain models and to build confidence in the brand. This year rumours have emerged on an upgrade on the Explorer II model in order to revive the reference and give it a modern twist – a new black Cerachrom bezel. The alleged new 2017 Explorer II would be available in the Rolex 904L Steel and with a choice of black or white dial finish. The production of this new bezel model would create a buzz for the reference and would be a very welcoming upgrade to this classic.



Despite all the information and images of these supposed ‘new releases’ we are still reminded that these are still only rumours and have not actually been released by Rolex.  If these rumours turn out to be true, then it will show Rolex as a company that build on success as well as a company that listens to their customers, collectors and fans. Despite this news only being speculation, it does highlight exciting times in the watch industry, and many collectors, enthusiasts and fans alike will be holding out for new updates come 23rd-30th March 2017 and Luxe Watches will be in attendance.



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Images Courtesy of Rolex Passion Report