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Rolex bracelet types and sizes

The most common type of Rolex bracelet is the Oyster bracelet, but equally important and desirable are the Jubilee bracelet, the President Bracelet, and the Pearlmaster bracelet. 

While there’s no doubt about how much precision and detail goes into making a Rolex watch, this is also equally as true for Rolex watches bracelet types. Designed to be comfortable, robust and reliable, their aesthetically pleasing bracelet designs play an equally as important role in the desirability of the Rolex brand.

Read our guide on Rolex bracelet types and sizes to find out more about which bracelet styles you can expect to see with which Rolex models.

Oyster bracelet     

This is the most common Rolex strap and officially dates back to its patent in 1947. 

The Oyster is a three-piece link metal bracelet, with wide central flat links flanked by two rows of thinner links. But over the years there have been alterations to links including riveted and folded links. These can be both matte or a polished finish or a combination of both. 

But before Rolex designed its own bracelets it was supplied with them by bracelet manufacturer Gay Freres… so the origins of the Oyster actually go back to the Bonklip-style Rolex bracelets created in the 1920s. These were designed with a unique size-adjustment feature and were first associated with the Rolex Viceroy.

You can find Oyster bracelets with a range of different clasps. Watches like the Submariner feature a Glidelock clasp system, which is specifically designed to be worn on top of a diving suit. Whereas the Milgauss has a folding Oysterclasp with an Easylink 5mm extension

The Oyster tends to be seen on the sportier models, for example, the Sea Dweller, while a few watches only offer this strap, such as the new Rolex Explorer.

With a choice of varying clasps, such as Oysterclasp, Oysterlock and Crownclasp, no two Rolex’s are rarely the same. There are also different sizes of the Oyster bracelet depending on the watch. From the smaller Lady-Datejust timepieces to the larger GMT-Master pilot watches, the versatile Oyster bracelet is always a great fit. Not only is the Rolex Oyster bracelet seen on a variety of watches but it’s also available in a range of metals and bi-metal colourways including steel, oystersteel, gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. 

Oyster Bracelet Sizes

Oyster Bracelet CodeBracelet Link WidthRolex Watch Model
7013013mmOyster Perpetual 26
7016016mmOyster Perpetual 31
7019019mmOyster Perpetual 34
7020020mmOyster Perpetual 36
7040020mmOyster Perpetual 39
72130-72131-72133-74138-7413913mmLady-Datejust 26
72340-72341-7234314mmLady-Datejust 28
72160-72161-7216316mmDatejust 31
7316816mmDatejust 31
7219019mmOyster Perpetual Date 34
72600- 72601 – 7260320mmDatejust 36
72801-72803-7280020mmDatejust 36
72210 – 7221321mmDatejust II
72610-7261121mmDatejust 41
73205-73208-7320920mmDay-Date 36
7360520mmDay-Date 36
7720020mmExplorer 39
7721021mmExplorer II
7120020mmAir-King 40
78200-78203-78208-78209-79201-7920520mmGMT-Master II
78210-78211-78218-7821921mmYacht-Master II
78590-78593-78595-78596-78598-7859920mmCosmograph Daytona
78740-78743-78750-7875317 mmYacht-Master 35
78763-7880020mmYacht-Master 40
97200-97203-97208-9720920mmSubmariner Date
9740020mmSea-Dweller 40
97220-9722322mmSea-Dweller 43

Jubilee bracelet

It could be debated that the Jubilee bracelet is the most famous in the whole of the horology world. 

The dressy bracelet is a five-piece link design, consisting of two rows of large links and three rows of small central links. At the time, it was only available in solid gold but now available in  steel, three shades of gold, two-tone steel and gold as well as many sizes. 

Rolex’ first in-house offering was introduced in 1945 as a new bracelet on the Datejust. It was the world’s first chronometer to feature a date window on the dial, which coordinated perfectly with the brand celebrating its 40th anniversary, hence the bracelet’s name.

While the overall look of the Jubilee bracelet has remained largely the same since its introduction, a closer look at the links reveals some notable modifications over the years. There have been folded links, oval links, D-shaped links, as well as solid links. The Jubilee bracelet is one of Rolex’s more dressier styles and is available in most metals and bi-metal variations. Fitted with either a concealed Crownclasp or Oysterclasp, the Jubilee bracelet is one of Rolex’s most refined bracelet types.

Jubilee Bracelet Sizes

Jubilee Bracelet CodeBracelet Link WidthRolex Watch Model
63130-63131-6313313mmLady-Datejust 26
63345-63348-6334114mmLady-Datejust 28
63160-63161-63163-6416916mmDatejust 31
63600-63601-63603-63608-62803-6280020mmDatejust 36
6261321mmDatejust 41
6920020mmGMT-Master II

President Bracelet

The Rolex President bracelet is a three-piece link metal bracelet with semi-circular links. There are wide links in the centre and two thinner outer link rows. To date the President has only featured on the Day-Date and some Lady Datejust and mid-size Datejust watches. 

When the Day-Date was debuted in 1956, it was the first automatic watch to include a date window and a space for the day name. It was seen as the new flagship luxury watch as it was made exclusively and came with a new bracelet, called the President.

However at the time, President Eisenhower had worn a Datejust watch on a Jubilee bracelet so while he may have been first to wear it, it wasn’t his favourite style. It was actually Lyndon B. Johnson, whose strong association with wearing the yellow gold Day-Date, inspired the name ‘President’. 

True to its exclusive form, the President bracelet is only available in precious metals (never in steel), including gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. Fitted with a Crownclasp, the President bracelet has a beautifully concealed clasp, making it one of the more ergonomically designed bracelets.

President Bracelet Sizes

President Bracelet CodeBracelet Link WidthRolex Watch Model
83135-83136-83138-8313913mmLady-Datejust 26
83345-83346-8334814mmLady-Datejust 28
83165-83168-83169-83369-83368-83365-84166-8416816mmDatejust 31
83205-83206-83208-83209-83408-83405-83409-84206-84208-8420920mmDay-Date 36
83415-83416-83418-8341921mmDay-Date 40
83215-83216-83218-8321921mmDay-Date II

Rolex Pearlmaster Bracelet

Launched in 1992 the Pearlamster bracelet was introduced for the Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster watch collection. The Pearlmaster is Rolex’s most lavish watch and is considered to be a decorative piece of jewellery as well as being a highly functioning timepiece.

Featuring five rounded links, the Pearlmaster bracelet is only available in gold, rose gold and white gold. In addition the Pearlmaster bracelet is also available in a range of diamond versions including full pave diamonds and diamond set links. While the Pearlmaster bracelet is typically seen accompanied by the Pearlmaster watch, Rolex did make some special edition Day-Date “Masterpiece” watches fitted with Pearlmaster bracelets in the early 2000’s. That being said, the Pearlmaster bracelet is always fitted with its trademark concealed Crownclasp.

Pearlmaster Bracelet Sizes

Pearlmaster Bracelet CodeBracelet Link WidthRolex Watch Model
72845-72848-7284917mmPearlmaster 34
44745-42745-4274920mmPearlmaster 39
72746 -72748- 72748-7474620mmDay-Date “Special Edition” Masterpiece

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