14.03.2017 - Rolex

Rolex Celebrating Cinema: An Advert Celebrating Rolex At The Big Screen

When you think of Rolex, you undoubtedly think of luxury, the good life and of Hollywood. In the words of authour of James Bond, Ian Fleming, “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” A new Rolex advertisement, introduced in February this year, plays on Rolex’s involvement on the big screen, with different Rolex watches seen at classic movie moments. The watches are seen with likes of Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman and many more. At the end of the advertisement, the words “It doesn’t just tell the time, it tells history”, highlighting the heritage and iconic status of this legendary Swiss manufacture.

Watch the video below:

First impressions of this advert is that you genuinely are intrigued by the cameo appearances of Rolex in films, and who has been seen with a Rolex watch. You also feel slightly disappointed when it ends, and it leaves you wanting to do your customary research into who’s been wearing a Rolex and what film were they wearing it in – which gives you a hell of a lot of incredible results.

After the initial euphoria you start to realise how effective this piece of marketing is to Rolex and the watch industry. Without sounding too much like an A Level Media essay, the idea behind the advert gives you (the viewer) an indication of what is important at Rolex – heritage.

Rolex like to make hints at how good they are, and thats fair enough – they are one of the best. In this advert, it feels like Rolex are effectively saying looking at the quality and heritage of our brand, and look who’s been wearing them, hinting at the longevity of the brand, whilst retaining the quality of each timepiece. Pitching the likes of Paul Newman, Marlon Brando and Peter Sellers against the likes of Harrison Ford, Owen Wilson and Jim Carrey is by no means an accident. The brand are effectively  saying that their watches are for both an older and younger generation.

Rolex Jim Carrey

“In the art of film-making, it’s the smallest details that bring a world to life. Only when every detail is just right can the audience be truly immersed. Rolex is proud to recognise the art and craft of film-making, and to have played a part in some of cinema’s most iconic moments.”

In the end, its evident that Rolex have certainly made quite the statement turn of 2017, and in good timing as well. The release of new Rolex watches at Baselworld is happening in March and these feels like the nice pre-entertainment section before the real deal. The advert in essence highlight the Swiss watch manufacture perfectly – quality timepieces, worn by movie stars, appealing to both an older and younger generation. We look forward to seeing if Rolex delivers at this years Baselworld event – of which Luxe Watches will be in attendance.