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Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ VS Submariner ‘Hulk’ — which watch wins?

When it comes to an epic superhero battle, the Hulk Vs. Batman is one particular twosome fans of the comic world will always think about. Would the Hulk’s size and strength overwhelm Batman’s dexterity and intelligence? Only an over-the-top marvel film could answer that question.

But now, we aren’t interested in talking about the two superheroes specifically. Today, it’s all about admiring two of the most in demand Rolex watches on the market, whose unique colours have earned them the names of comic legends, they are the Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ and the Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’.

Over the years stainless steel sports watches have ballooned in value, and the GMT-Master II, Submariner and Sea Dweller models have led the trend. So what’s so great about these steel timepieces?

This post was first published on 3rd September 2018 and has been updated on 24th May 2022. 

Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ Ref. 116710BLNR

The GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ was introduced to the world five years ago at Baselworld. The GMT-Master II collection was originally designed for pilots, however the watches emit a sportier appearance when compared to other pilot watches on the market today, like the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time and the IWC Big Pilot. Yet, it is because of this unique appearance that the wristwatch has attracted so much attention and so many admirers.

Credit: Bob’s Watches

The watch specifics

As with all Rolex stainless steel watches, the Batman’s robust 40mm steel case is made from the Swiss manufacturers personal blend of steel called ‘904L’. The unique metal ensures that the wristwatch exhibits a polished finish and is resistant to corrosion, and so although this is technically a pilot’s watch, the robust qualities of the GMT have attracted athletes and travellers from around the globe.

The stylish blue and black ceramic bezel displays a 24-hour second time zone so that explorers have the convince of knowing their local time as well as the time of their current destination. The third blue hand allows the wearer to decipher the two time zones separately and with ease. Nowadays, travelling and keeping fit are two of the most popular activities people enjoy. So if you are after a masculine, sporty watch that features useful functions for everyday use or trips abroad, the Batman is your watch!

Credit: The Watch Source Blog

Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ Ref. 116610LV

The Submariner ‘Hulk’ is another Rolex that was unveiled at Baselworld almost eight years ago. The sporty watch received a mixed reception, but has since developed a large and loyal following (partly because it has turned out to be quite the lucrative investment).

The Hulk’s green ceramic bezel and green dial was a refreshingly modern upgrade from its predecessor, the ‘Kermit’, which exhibits a more vintage-looking green aluminum insert. Yet, that’s not to say vintage is bad. We all love a classic!

Credit: Bob’s Watches

The watch specifics

The 40mm chunky stainless steel case is everything a diving watch should be; robust, resistant to corrosion and waterproof up to depths of 300m/1,000 feet. Although the Submariner doesn’t feature the new Sea-Dweller’s escape valve and exceptional waterproof depth of 1,220 meters, it’s attractive exterior and smaller casing enables its owner to wear the watch whilst performing everyday activities (and stand out whilst doing it!). Whether you are an avid diver, an eager sportsman, a working professional or all three, the Submariner will serve you well.

Credit: D-Time

So who wins?

This is an impossible question to answer because, like with all watches, it’s all down to personal preference and the functions the wearer requires. If you are more into your diving and water sports, the Submariner is more water-resistant and features a bezel that allows divers to keep an eye on their submersion time, so it is probably the better buy. However, if you are constantly on the go, hopping on and off planes often, you can’t go wrong with a wristwatch that features a dual time display.

It could even be as simple as what colour do you prefer, blue or green? After all you’ve got to love the watch you wear on your wrist everyday!

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