19.01.2023 - Cartier

Seven new Tank Française timepieces for Cartier

New ‘modern’ Cartier Tank Francaise watches with bracelet changes have been launched with a celebrity video in Paris.​​

First debuted in 1996, the Tank Francaise brought a metal bracelet to the Tank family.

The in-demand timepiece had a striking square dial – which was different for the time – along with an integrated metal bracelet and elongated case sides. 

And as such a popular watch it’s been largely left alone… until now.

The model has now been reinvented with a new concept bracelet and a special campaign complete with Bohemian Rhapsody actor Rami Malek and French film star Catherine Deneuve.

The new Tank Francaise

The new Tank Française has been modernised into almost a sporty, much more streamlined version.

The seven new references are a mixture of small and medium sizes in gold, and small, medium and large in steel, in both quartz and mechanical versions. But only one has a date window.

But the noticeable thing is the more ergonomic designs but the changes are ever so subtle.

The first thing to notice is the new bracelet, which is more compact and feels more solid. The link that connects the bracelet to the watch head has been totally redesigned with what appears a much more simple solution.

The case sizes are all slightly larger than the original, with the crown now integrated for a contemporary feel and the case sides are more rounded.

And when it comes to finish, the new versions are all about satin – saying goodbye to the familiar polished look – and this is most noticeable on the updated end links.

But what we’re most excited about is the champagne dial on the new gold models, with silver dials to match the steel ones. The small models have a sunray finish, while the medium and large steel models use a satin finish. 

The video launch

In true Cartier style, a special video campaign features Catherine Deneuve and Rami Malek strolling across Pont Alexandre III bridge in Paris – the one that stretches the length of the Seine and connects the Champs-Élysées with the Eiffel Tower – each starting from different ends before they cross each other.

And it’s a whole lot of walking for our stars wearing the beautiful designs  – 18,621 to be precise.

And more than 26,000 photos later along with 88 stylists and technicians, the masterpiece by director Guy Ritchie was complete.

The Cartier Tank in history

It has been more than a century since Louis Cartier unleashed his first Tank, inspired by the tanks of the era.

In 1922 the Tank Louis Cartier followed that original design with softened edges.

But it wasn’t until the 70s that the Tank was looked at again with the Tank Must De Cartier collection offering dials without numerals and using semi-precious stones.

The Tank Americaine was rectangular-shaped in 1988 but the first integrated metal bracelet was Francaise. 

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