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Signature watch: Why we love the Rolex Lady Datejust

It’s beautiful yet robust, small but precise, classic yet defined.

The Rolex Lady Datejust debuted in 1957 and was a landmark offering for its time.

With all the attributes of the Datejust released 12 years earlier, the women’s version was elegant and small. The perfect ergonomic design for a slim wrist.

So what else makes this timepiece the signature watch for women?

Well, it’s lavish, stylish and can be customised to suit the wearer’s preferences – after all, nothing screams elegance like a Rolex watch.

Inspired by audacity

When the Lady Datejust arrived – a chronometer… a watch with certified accuracy featuring a date display, the Swiss brand said it was inspired by audacity. 

“It addressed not only a technical challenge but a cultural one, too. The watch would serve to further women’s independence. It’s a creation that brings no compromise, blending style and exact measurement of time.” 

As Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf said: “Ladies want the best of both worlds: a tiny watch and an accurate movement. Yet, the smaller the watch, the more difficult it is to make it accurate.”


The Rolex Lady Datejust has certainly styled itself as the classic women’s timepiece, with different materials, colours and markers. With so many faces, it became the sought-after model it still is today. Fancy fluted, domed or a diamond-set bezel? How about the dial – shimmering paved with diamonds or a mother-of-pearl hue? Markers left simple or set with jewels?

In 2021 Rolex launched a new sparkly Lady-Datejust, which is 18ct yellow gold and covered in diamonds – 158 brilliant-cut diamonds on the case sides and lugs; and 44 set on the bezel. The dial features another 291, while the President bracelet features 596.

And with options of Oystersteel, 18ct gold, 18ct white gold, 18ct Everose gold or Rolesor, you can see just why the design is so appealing.


Incredibly robust despite its tiny size, its sturdy interior is due to a case crafted from Oystersteel or 18ct gold. It’s also protected from water due to a nifty winding crown fitted with a double waterproof system. It’s even highly resistant to shocks and magnetic fields! 

A waterproof Oyster case synonymous with robustness and elegance offers a virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal with that unmistakable Cyclops lens.

Magnificent movement

Its in-house movement is the Calibre 2236, which holds many patents and boasts an incredible precision with a deviation of minus or plus seconds seconds per day, and a power reserve of 55 hours. The movement includes Rolex’ Syloxi silicon hairspring which provides stability when faced with temperature changes or shocks.

Need some assistance?

By purchasing a used Rolex Lady-Datejust at a price near its market value, you are able to achieve a higher rate of return. Therefore, we’d always advise you to invest in a pre-worn, well-maintained watch, preferably with its original papers and box.

If you’d like help to find the perfect Rolex Lady Datejust, give us a call today as we have many in stock here at our Epping boutqiue. We also buy your new and pre-worn Rolex watches.

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