08.07.2021 - News

Time is ticking: A guide to finding the perfect watch

If you had your heart set on buying that special someone a luxurious watch for Christmas, time is still on your side – don’t worry.

Choosing a watch can be a very personal decision but with so many brands, styles and price tags it can be hard to know what to buy.

Here at Luxe Watches, we’ve compiled a guide to ensure that the timepiece you choose isn’t too big, too heavy, too pricey – and most of all, suits its recipient perfectly.

Everyday wear or special occasion?

Are you going for all everyday wear? Or will thewatch be only for special occasions? Either way, take time to prioritise the features the watch would need. Are they likely to wear the watch in water? Do they need a large date for better legibility? Will they want to change the strap? Would a battery or a mechanical watch be preferred?

All of these will need to be considered as you choose your perfect watch.

Size matters

The size, including the diameter of the watch’s case and its thickness and fit are crucial components to consider when searching for the perfect timepiece.  A lot of people choose faces that are too big and this can look strange, especially on a small wrist.To find a size that works well for a man’s wrist, trysome small (36-39mm), medium (39-43mm) and large (43mm-plus) case diameters -this includes the bezel. You’ll quickly see which proportion looks best but if you’re still unsure, wrap a tape measure around your own wrist. Small wrists are measured 6.25-6.75 inches in diameter, medium 6.75-7.25 inches, and large 7.25-7.75 inches.

The case thickness is also worth considering – this is literally the thickness of the watch as it sits on your wrist. Watches vary from 8mm to around 16mm dependant on the complications of the watch. For example, a chronograph watch has many features involved in every movement. Slimmer watches tend to be more refined and look better teamed with a suit.

Strap material

Leather, rubber and polyethylene straps are becoming increasingly popular due to their interchangeability and style.

Audemars Piguet offer these in luxury form and are well-liked, while the rubber used by watches from Hublot are highly durable.

Fit and feel

Once you know what sort of watch you want to buy, it’s a good idea to see it in the flesh if it’s for yourself. Chances are that if it’s a gift, you won’t want the recipient to know about it – and therefore good guesswork will be needed.

Nothing compares to seeing the watch on a wrist to get a sense of how big the dial is, the weight and feel of the strap. You can see these for yourself at our Essex boutique or we can send you high res images.

If you’re buying for a guy who likes to wear clothes that have been in style since the last century, then their watch should do the same. A Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster are ideal choices. A vintage style of either of these would look great.

Remember, a luxury watch is Intended for long-term ownership, as reflected in the price. Keep in mind that it will need servicing to keep it in good working order.

We hope you find your perfect watch here with us at Luxe Watches. If you do need assistance, our time-served experts are here to help.