08.07.2021 - News

Time to shine: Bright new trends for 2021

With fewer watches offered this year – and most of those launched digitally rather than showcased at the likes of Baselworld – collectors are eager to see what the new year holds. With plenty of timepieces postponed and some exciting collections being plotted, there are already some clear designs set to emerge as crowd pleasers for 2021. From what’s trending with dials to the bracelets you should be wearing, we’ve got it covered.

Ethical offerings

Corporate responsibility and environmental impact has come to the forefront for companies everywhere and this year we’ve seen lots of examples of sustainable watches, with Breitling using recycled plastic Econyl in its designs while Hublot teamed up with SORAI to give a large amount of the cash raised from sales of the desert-inspired Big Bang Unico SORAI to help conservation of orphaned baby rhinoceroses. Chopard announced it had reached a commitment to make 100% of their watches and jewellery from ethically-sourced gold.

And with more and more companies joining the quest to use recycled materials and ensure gems are ethically sourced, could we be ready to see a launch of the first fully recycled watch next year?

Platinum and white gold bracelets

This year has seen lots of rose gold bracelets through the ranks and even yellow gold has been popular adding warmth to lots of watches. And while many designers have been looking to use lighter, more durable substances such as carbon fibre, white metals are proving increasingly popular – and what’s not to love about the shade? It goes with loads of tones of gemstones and dial colours, and is the perfect look whatever the occasion.

Bright and bold dials

2020 saw a plethora of fascinating colours hit dials, including blue and green hues and monochrome offerings. Aquamarine was particularly popular but we understand that the colour on everyone’s lips come the new year will be…. Yellow. Rolex’ Oyster Perpetual 41 released last year was a bit hit, as proved by its gargantuan waiting list.

Breitling is also a fan of the shade, having used it for its Endurance Pro line-up and previously with the Superocean collections. We all need some ultimate sunshine in our lives after the year we’re leaving behind, so bring on the bold yellow, we say.


What can we expect from the world of complications in 2021? This year saw the creation of some great offerings including the world’s thinnest mechanical watch at just 2mm – Piaget’s Altiplano Ultimate Concept. With travel made essential work trips only this year, the lack of need for multi timezone watches, gave other complications the chance to step up. But 2021 could be the year of the moonphase. Not by any stretch, the world’s most accurate complication, but definitely one of the most aesthetic. In normal speak, that’s a display of the sunlit portion of the moon as observed from the Earth at any point during each 29.5-day lunar month.

Vintage vibes

Increased interest in some classic models at auctions this year suggests that 2021 could be a year for some revamped old-school revivals. After refreshing its signature Royal Oak collection,  Audemars Piguet launched the ReMaster 01, taking inspiration from one of its first chronographs. Its blue tachymetric scale and yellow gold dial are reminiscent of the 1940s – when the chronograph was first made -but boasts a bigger case to bring it into the modern day. 

Next year is certain to bring more of the same,, whatever your preference – sporty, pilot ro casual watch.

New year…new gear

If you’d like to help to find the perfect watch to see you on your way in 2021, our experts would love to help. Whether you would love a sporty, pilot’s or casual luxury watch, we have an amazing range of new and pre-worn watches in stock so call us to make an appointment today.