08.07.2021 - Rolex

Watch Review: Rolex Submariner “Kermit” Stainless Steel 16610LV

The Rolex Submariner has become a model admired and appreciated by passionate watch collectors and one-off purchasers for over 60 years. When comparing the first ever Submariner model (Ref. 6204) with the most recent generation (Ref.114060), the design development is all too obvious. With that being said, there are some original iconic features that have appeared on every Submariner model that has ever been produced, regardless of age.

Both designs were engineered to be robust and practical, and both feature a solid stainless steel case and Oyster bracelet. The first model’s bezel differs slightly from the most current ceramic design, as it does not feature the first minute intervals for the first fifth-teen minutes. Although the hour and minute markers differ slightly in colour, there’s no doubting that when placed side-by-side, everyone is able to recognise that they are both iconic Rolex diving watches.

Credit: SalonQP and Rolex

Now, enough about the history, the particular Rolex Submariner we are interested in today, is Ref. 16610LV, otherwise commonly known as the “Kermit”. Rolex commissioned the Kermit model in 2003 as a way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Rolex Submariner’s release. The model has since been discontinued (2010), and so like many of Rolex’s’ stainless steel sport wristwatches, the value of the 16610LV is likely to rise considerably in the forthcoming future.

The key unique features of the 16610LV are the strikingly bold green coloured aluminum bezel, and the enlarged ‘Maxi dial’, which exhibits larger hour markers than its predecessors. The distinctive characteristics of this sporty watch are what give the timepiece its nickname. The black dial and white hour markers contrast with the green bezel, giving off an appearance somewhat similar to the famous children’s TV puppet, Kermit the frog.

Credit: Rolex Forum

Watch specifications:

  • Uni-directional Rotating Green Bezel (for the Flat 4: a green Flat 4 bezel)
  • Black Dial with Date indicator at 3 o’clock
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet
  • Automatic Movement
  • Waterproof to 300m/1000ft
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • Chronometer

One significant difference exclusive to the Kermit Submariner is that there are two slightly dissimilar designs, the original Kermit 50th anniversary, and the Kermit “Flat 4” edition. The Kermit pictured above, is known as the Kermit 50th anniversary, and the Kermit Submariner below, it known as the “Flat 4”.

Can you see what feature separates the two designs? There’s no need to worry if not, you are not alone! A common question within Rolex collector forums relates to what separates the two models.

The difference, or should I say defect (as Rolex did not purposefully produce two slightly differing designs) is that the number 4 located above 8 o’clock on the green bezel, is flat on the upper inside on the ‘Flat 4’ edition, whereas the number 4 on the original Kermit 50th anniversary joins at a point on the upper inside. The difference is extremely minor, however the defect does surprisingly almost double the price tag of the attractive wristwatch.

Credit: Salon QP

One particular concern amongst watch collectors is that, like with any Submariner with a coloured bezel, the colour may fade over time. However, the amount of fading is nothing at all to be concerned with, after all (as many watch collectors profess) the bold green Kermit does brighten up an otherwise dark Submariner collection.

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