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12 Celebrities That Love Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe are makers of luxury timepieces that are adored by the stars. They are the last independent, family-owned Genevan manufacturer, pursuing traditional Genevan watchmaking techniques since 1839. 

From research and development to design and manufacturing, all of their timepieces are created in house from beginning to end. This means that Patek Philippe has full creative control over all of their watches, allowing them to create some truly exceptional pieces.

It is no wonder so many celebrities love Patek Philippe. Read our guide looking at 12 of the biggest celebrity Patek Philippe fans. From Drake to Brad Pitt, Patek Philippe is adored by a range of stars.

Find out which celebrities have at least one of these special timepieces within their watch collections!

Celebrities That Wear Patek Philippe


One of the world’s most famous rappers and performers, Drake has an extensive collection of watches including numerous timepieces from Patek Philippe.

One of his most notable pieces is the Nautilus 5726, sporting a custom design by Abloh of Off White and Louis Vuitton. With a blacked-out case, fully encrusted with vivid green emeralds, it is thought that Mad Paris Watches had something to do with the custom design. This would not be surprising as Abloh has worked with Mad Paris previously.

Drake has also been spotted in the 40th anniversary, Nautilus 5976/1G Chronograph in white gold. With a 44m case, it is a relatively large watch that has diamond markers on the dial, chronograph registers and anniversary embossing. A limited-edition piece, only 1300 were ever made showing just how special this watch really is!

He also has a rose gold Nautilus, set with over 1343 diamonds. It retailed for around $600,000 and has a sapphire glass back so you can see the inner workings of the watch.

It’s clear that Drake sports some serious (hotline) bling.

Ed Sheeran

Not a man particularly known for his style but, when it comes to watches Ed certainly knows a thing or two!

His first Patek Philippe watch was actually gifted to him by a friend after he played a Bar Mitzvah for his daughter. He was given the Nautilus 5726A which also displays the current phase of the moon cycle. He was pictured wearing the 5726A on his wedding day and when he received his MBE in 2017.

Since being introduced to Patek Philippe, his collection has grown. He has also been spotted wearing a Grand Complications, Split Seconds Chronograph, as well as a Calatrava Pilot Travel Time; one of their rarer designs. 

In an interview, he talked about buying watches in order to signify and remember special moments in his life. He purchased a Patek Phillippe 5004 for his first ever Grammy nomination.

John Mayer

John Mayer is somewhat of an influencer in the watch world, with watches increasing in both value and popularity when worn by him. He even claims to have inspired the Aquanaut with a khaki green dial and rubber strap but, we’re not so sure about that one!

He is often spotted wearing the Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A which includes a 4th hand to track the time over two different time zones. The dial is Tiffany stamped, giving the watch an extra special feel.

Mayer also has a Grand Complications 5971. The platinum watch has baguette diamonds embedded in the bezel and includes features such as a perpetual calendar chronograph, moon phase tracking and a leap year indicator. 

If two Patek Philippe watches weren’t enough, Mayer also specially commissioned a 5004G that includes a salmon dial, luminous hands and an engraving that reads ‘Mr J.C. Mayer’ on the back.


Tom Holland

The SpiderMan actor certainly has a super watch collection but is often seen wearing his Aquanaut 5167R on an everyday basis. The design is somewhat stripped back and sporty with a rubber strap. The dial is embossed and the case has a satin-brushed finish, adding a little bit of glamour to the watch.

The combination of practicality and sophistication makes the Holland’s Patek Philippe watch extremely versatile, allowing it to be worn on daily errands, as well as during tv or event appearances.


Ellen DeGeneres

Chat show host to the stars, DeGeneres has become a global superstar in her own right and one with an impressive watch collection at that!

She has been seen in a range of different Patek Philippe watch designs over the years however one of the most common models she is spotted wearing is the Grand Complications 5204/1R Split Seconds, Perpetual Calendar. With a rose gold case and a solid gold brick bracelet-style strap, the watch has a classic design.

She is also often seen wearing the Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A. One of their more sporty designs, the 5164A is perfect for everyday wear, even for activities such as swimming. It has a ‘tropical strap’ that is resistant to UV and saltwater, with a rounded octagon case, black embossed dial and gold Arabic numeral markers. It also has a dual time display making it ideal for those who live the jet-set lifestyle.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart may be one of America’s most famous comedians, but when it comes to watches he is more serious than ever. 

Within his watch collection are a number of Patek Philippe pieces. He has the same 40th Anniversary Edition of the Nautilus 5976/1G, made from 18K white gold. As well as this, he has also been seen in the 5712R Nautilus Moon Phase Rose Gold watch. Its face is 40mm in diameter with a ribbed dial and sapphire glass back. The watch was designed by Gerald Genta and has hour markers made from yellow gold. 

Jason Statham

Known for his portrayal of on-screen tough guys, Statham has previously been seen wearing the Nautilus 5980. Also designed by Gerald Genta the 5980 is somewhat minimalistic with a stainless steel strap and black dial. The 5980 was introduced in 2006 and is thought of as one of the best sporting chronographs of its time. 

The dial contains a sundial that acts as a chrono counter allowing wearers to keep an eye on both the minute and hour without an extra dial, giving the watch a paired back, clean overall appearance.


Victoria Beckham

Posh by name, posh by nature. Victoria Beckham has one of the rarest Patek Philippe watches of all the celebrities mentioned in this post.

She wears a vintage 3800/1 Nautilus watch in 18ct yellow gold with a black ribbed dial. The overall design is very minimalistic with yellow gold hour markers and a small box that displays the current date. She has been seen wearing the watch at numerous fashion shows and events showing just how special it is!

She has also been pictured wearing the Nautilus 7118/1A in a much more casual snap alongside David Beckham. The ladies watch features a stainless steel bracelet strap, a blue ribbed dial and a sapphire-crystal case back. 

Conor McGregor

The Irish fighter is known for his outlandish and extravagant style, as well as his prowess in the ring, so it’s no surprise that he has a number of Patek Philippe watches in his collection.

One of the watches that caught the attention of everyone was the Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P. Designed for the 150th anniversary of Weir and Sons, a historic jeweller based in Ireland, and to celebrate their 50-year partnership with Patek Philippe, the watch features a vivid green dial in tribute to the jeweller’s home country. The green also reflects the colour of the watch boxes Weird and Sons used in the early days of the business. Only 25 of the watches were ever made, with Conor McGregor securing the 12th one, in homage to his Proper 12 whiskey line. It has an alligator strap, a platinum case and a sapphire crystal back. 

McGregor has also been seen wearing the rose gold Calatrava 5180/1R-001. This is often referred to as a skeletonised version of a Calatrava, featuring intricate decoration, a stripped-back case, hand engraving and an ultra-thin profile. Measuring just 6.7mm high and 39mm in diameter, this piece is much smaller than the 5905P. 

Finally, he also has a World Time 5231J that sports a yellow gold case and a cloisonne enamel dial that includes a map of the world. Around the edge of the dial, there are capital cities from 24 different time zones. 


Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard is an English football player who plays in the English national team. He has his own fashion line and is often seen attending fashion events and experimenting with his style. It is therefore not surprising to see that Lingard often accessorises his outfits with some stunning watches.

He has been spotted wearing the Nautilus 5711-1R-001 in rose 18K rose gold, as well as the Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A. The 5968A features a stainless steel case and an orange rubber strap for a more sporty, casual appearance.


Brad Pitt

One of the world’s biggest stars, the Hollywood actor is never short of an impressive watch on his wrist. He has been seen in the Nautilus 5711 with a graduated blue dial and stainless steel case on numerous occasions. 40mm in diameter the watch is relatively large and is water-resistant up to 120m – the perfect watch for diving off yachts.

It has also been reported that Pitt purchases a Grand Complications 5016 with a Calatrava style case at an auction in Geneva for over $5 million.

Jonah Hill

The final celebrity Patek Philippe fan on our list, Jonah Hill, is an American actor known for his roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, 21 Jump Street and Superbad to name but a few. Over recent years Hill has upped his fashion game and has donned an impressive range of watches. Taking inspiration from Brad Pitt, Jonah also has the Nautilus 5711. A classic design that will never go out of fashion. 


We hope that you enjoyed our guide looking at 12 of the biggest celebrity Patek Philippe fans. If you’re feeling inspired to sell your Patek Philippe watch then get in touch today.