23.11.2022 - Richard Mille

Will Richard Mille’s new £1 million offering make you smile?

Richard Mille’s new offering might take you back to a cultural movement defined by dance music, drugs, warehouse raves and more.

But the RM Automatic Tourbillon Smiley – limited to just 50 pieces – is what every watch collector is talking about right now.

The brand says the aim of this watch is to make everyone feel positive – and smile at its whacky new creation.

It’s definitely fun but is it everyone’s cup of tea? Let’s take a closer look! 

Intricate details 

The incredible detail that has gone into crafting these pieces is mind-blowing.

And so coming in at just over one million pounds you can perhaps appreciate the price slightly more.

Each of the miniatures on the dial of the RM88 is produced and decorated by hand with the classic smiley face by Franklin Loufrani is the centrepiece of it all.  

Bright and bold 

And while bold, colourful creations are always at the forefront of Mille creations – there’s the variety of complications, materials and shapes –  of course, personality rules above all!

But somehow this is further out there than the Swiss watchmaker’s usual playful pieces and of course, critics are sitting in the wings to blast the dial motifs for a lack of taste.

Not dissimilar to the BonBon collection we blogged about, which sold out incredibly quickly despite the whacky concept and price.

There’s no doubt you will smile when you see this white ceramic dial – and who wouldn’t, with a rainbow, cactus, flamingo and pineapple glaring back. There’s definitely some reminder of going on holiday here with drinks by the beach and tropical fruit on offer.

Inner workings 

Colour is the main factor here with a bee-like strap and white and gold 39.7mm case. 

The brand has gone for a new titanium skeletonised movement inside the new Smiley offering – the calibre CRMT7 automatic with a 50-hour power reserve.

The tourbillon with its 6-second spinning operation – which isn’t glaringly obvious – is indicated by a sun and storm hand, whilst a function indicator on the dial tells you what operation turning the smiley crown will perform.  

The face also features some jazzy diamond and blue sapphire stones for hour markers to add a bit of extra zing (as if it’s needed). 

Are you smiling yet?

So the outcome is to make people smile and present a contemporary high-end fun watch.

Definitely not for everyone but we’re sure it’s something to admire by all watch collectors.

If Richard Mille can make people grin when they see it, then the job is done.

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