What is consignment?

Consignment is a process whereby we market and sell your watch on your behalf. On completion of the sale, we provide you with a pre-agreed payment.

This involves stocking your watch in our Epping boutique, listing it online and handling all enquiries we receive, so that you don’t have to.


Why choose Luxe for your watch sale

Expert valuation

Our experts have years of experience in the luxury watch market and can provide a fair and accurate valuation of your timepiece. You can trust our team to handle your consignment needs with confidence and expertise.

Worldwide exposure

We promote your watch to buyers around the world. The reach of our online platform allow for greater exposure that can you achieve as an individual seller. Access a global market and increase your chances of a successful sale with our international consignment service.


The process is easy and convenient. We handle all aspects of the sale – from advertising and showcasing your watch to processing payment and shipping – so you don’t have to. More than 95% of watches consigned with us sell within the first 30 days.

Security & Insurance

Your watch is safe while it is with us. It will be stored in a secure facility where it is covered by our fully comprehensive jewellers’ block insurance until it is sold. With Luxe, you have peace of mind and can enjoy a hassle-free selling experience.

Start the process today

Contact us

Tell us what watch you are selling (include the brand, model number and as much information as possible) and we will confirm that we can sell it for you.

Send your watch

Either visit us in our store (it is best to make an appointment before you visit) o send the watch via secure post.

Get your fixed price

We will advise on a fixed price that you will receive when your watch sells. With your confirmation, we put your watch up for sale in our store and online.

Get paid

When your watch sells, we send you your money

Ready to sell your luxury watch?

Trust our consignment service to help you achieve a successful sale. Our team of experts, global reach, and secure platform make the process easy and worry-free. Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of our consignment service. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best consignment service possible. Fill our form or call us on 0203 397 1597. 

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Luxury Watch Consignment FAQ

Brands we work on

The majority of our consignment work is on watches from the following manufacturers:

  • Rolex
  • Richard Mille (Care Guide)
  • Cartier
  • Patek Philippe
  • Omega

However, we are not limited by this and would be happy to consider consignment for any watch you are interested in selling.


How much will I get for my watch?

For a quick estimate, you can use our Rolex valuation tool to see what you could expect to be paid for your watch. This is subject to our valuation expert taking a physical look at your watch to inspect it for its condition and genuity.

While it is difficult to say how much you could receive for your watch without physically seeing it, we will have an honest conversation with you about how much you hope to achieve for it and we will do our best to get the best price for your watch.


What do you charge for this service?

We don’t charge any direct fee. Rather, we make our profit by selling the watch for slightly more than the fixed price that we have agreed with you. In this sense, you could say this is a 0% commission service. 


How long does a sale usually take?

The consignment process duration varies based on the demand for your watch, which is affected by many factors including the condition and whether you have the original box and paperwork. Generally, we can sell a watch within 30 days, though sometimes it can take longer. Our team strives to ensure a swift and successful sale for your timepiece. We have a wide range of customers approaching us all the time asking for different items, so it may be the case that your watch could sell in less than a month.


How should I contact you?

Simply supply the details about your watch to us online using our form click here. We will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you fancy a little trip out, come visit us at our newly-opened boutique! We are based at 219 High Street, Epping, CM16 4BL.


How else can I sell my watch with Luxe?

Read our “Sell Your Watch” page for other options. 


How do I get my watch to you?

After we have confirmed that we can consign your watch, you can either book an appointment and visit us in-store, or securely ship it to us. We recommend using a reliable delivery method to ensure safe arrival.


Need to know more?

Our blog on consignment goes into more detail on each of these points. Click below:

How your watch is in safe hands with us



Luxe Watches is not affiliated with Rolex or any other Luxury Watch Brand. We are an online independent luxury watch retailer that specializes in Classic & Contemporary, Unworn & Pre-Owned luxury watches from the finest brands.