05.10.2021 - Luxe Watches

Meet our chief buyer… Jed Brailey

He’s been in the hot seat for 14 months and has brought about a sea of change here at Luxe Watches… We’ve quizzed our purchasing manager Jed Brailey all about the new store and his plans for future purchases, including a very exciting launch this month.

How are you finding the new store?

We’ve been absolutely thrilled with the number of visitors we’ve had to the new High Street boutique in Essex. The location is great and it’s definitely catching the eye of passers by. We couldn’t be happier with the fit out and we’ve got so much more room to display our new and pre-worn watches and of course, our new range of accessories which we are thrilled about.

Tell us more… What accessories will you be selling?

We certainly have our eye on a few designer pieces. I did buy a stunning new bright blue Hermes leather handbag this week, which won’t be long on the shelf. We are also expecting some Louis Vuitton pieces soon. You’ll have to visit to find out more!

What has the buying team been up to?  

We are launching our new range of fine jewellery this month – and we can’t wait. When people arrive with watch valuations they often ask about other expensive jewellery that they have at home and whether it can be valued! So much so that we have decided to buy and refurbish client’s jewellery.

What kind of jewellery will you be buying?

Fine jewellery. We are extremely interested in one-off pieces – things like diamond rings, tennis bracelets and pendants. Our prices will range from around £750 for classic stud earrings up to about £35,000 for a diamond engagement ring. We have purchased some stunning pieces this week and we can’t wait to share them with you soon.

What normally catches your eye?

I’m always on the lookout for emerging trends or concepts coming back in vogue as this helps us decide whether we can introduce it to our customers. When I’m buying I also look for ways that timeless pieces can be updated or refurbished to bring them back to life. 

What are your predictions for buying trends of fine jewellery this year?

Tennis bracelets – a row of continuous stones set on a slender bracelet – are incredibly popular this year. There’s a continued strength in today’s market for rare coloured gemstones, particularly pink diamonds, as many mines become depleted. 

Pearls as ever are effortlessly classic and great to pair or layer with other pieces from your collection. 

Can the public sell their fine jewellery to Luxe Watches?

Yes, of course. They’re more than welcome to make an appointment with us and have their jewellery valued. We will give them the fairest market price, subject to an assessment by one of our valuation experts. They will be looking for genuine metals and gems, as well as checking for the condition of the jewellery.

Find out more
If you would like to find out more about our fine jewellery or you are interested in selling your new or pre-worn luxury watch to us, we’d love to hear from you. For more about our buying process, see this blog post.